Monday, September 26, 2005


Can you imagine trying to be in Sirsasana (or Sarvangasana, for that matter), with THESE in your face?

WHY, dear God, WHY would anyone do this to herself?



Anonymous said...

I imagine she did it so she could make a living off photos like that. All humans have similar motivations, but they often manifest differently. Her manifestation is different from yours. That's all.

yoga chickie said...

It makes me sad for her. That is a body that grew out of pain.

Anonymous said...

That is just mind boggling.

Some of your readers are serious folks!


Anonymous said...

Lord Almighty what were YOU doing on the internet Chickie?hahahahah
that was such a great morning laugh. I understand feeling sorry for her, but she did it herself and she is probably happy so I am just going to laugh at the absurdity of it all..I live in L.A. I have to laugh or I'd cry.

yoga chickie said...

I swear, I have no internet porn thing going on...I found it on someone else's blog, who MAY have an internet porn thing (which is why I didn't link to the entire blog...too icky).

I'll bet she is happy. But man, how does one live with boobs that are bigger than one's head?


Anonymous said...


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