Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm going to practice.

I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice.

I need to just step away from the computer and go. Now, go. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go DAMNIT!!!!

I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice.I'm going to practice. Alright. Now, then. Now, I mean. Not then. I need to just get my ass off this chair and go get my car and drive down the FDR. I can be there in 15 minutes, which gives me an hour to practice, not including Finishing. I can do it if I leave now. OK, what time is it now? Damn, it's already 20 after. I really need to go.

OK, last sentence. No clicking on any bookmarks. Just hit Publish and go.



Susan said...

No it seems you are having the same sort of problem I had yesterday with the repeat comments!

Unless you are trying to make me feel better!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lauren,
I just read your comment to Chris regarding me being a 'nut' by pointing out your spelling errors. I see I owe you an apology. I did actually think you would want to know the correct spelling. You are a great writer, as I am, and I am a stickler for spelling. I am a proofreader and I guess from reading your blog, and knowing your background, I really thought you would want to know. For instance, what if you had written something for your precious kids' teacher etc. I suppose you would have used spell check. I just wanted you to know that someone isn't necessarily a 'nut' because they do something you don't like. I truly thought you would take it in the nature it was meant...helpful. I'm surprised as you printed it. It was interesting all the hoopla it created. I hope you accept my apology. I won't correct you ever again.

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous--
dont pay yoga chickie any attention for this.her classic M.O.(modus of operandi) is to make huge gossipy generalizations about people, hurt their feelings,and then skew her writing in such a way where she is forever being victimized by somebody--albeit a teacher or just anyone that decides to take the time to comment on her opinions--which are sometimes a bit questionable. just ask anyone on the ezboard.

But it's her blog and she can do what she wants(pay attention to the way she will respond to my commentary). take it all with a grain of salt.

sorry yoga chickie, i think yr blog is helpful for you, but sometimes your reactions and commentary are hurtful,snideful, and too incredibly vain to belong to someone who is supposedly trying to go the spiritual path that yoga practice leads us on. But thats just my opinion. And my opinion doesn't really matter. But i am allowed to say what i want just as you are allowed to write your words.


chris said...

Hey Proofreader- You read my blog? Cool.

To you and YC, sorry if I stirred up too much sh*t. (Not that I'm sure YC minds) It wasn't anything personal toward you, it's that damn inability to reference someone by anything more than "anon". I really just happened to be in a less than great mood and an anonymous correction just hit me wrong. But it really wasn't my place to say anything anyway. As susan said, I'm just a bitchy chick. (dude, i'm a dude) It's all good.

yoga chickie said...

C'est bonne!

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