Saturday, September 10, 2005

We brought home our beagle today!!!

Her name is Lulu Belle, or "Lou the Beagle", as my kids call her. It seemed that all the Husband needed to push him over the edge was a small quid pro quo.

Lou is on my lap as I write this because she is having trouble sleeping. She's fidgeting around a lot and whimpering a bit so I think I need to attend to her needs.

It seems I have a fix for my new-mommy jones! Yay!


P.S....I am back again after taking Lou back to her space (my kitchen), thinking that maybe she needed to use the "facilities" (wee wee pad). But as soon as I set her down on the floor, she scampered over to her little bed, curled up with her stuffed monkey and went to sleep! A puppy who puts herself to sleep in her own bed??????????

I think that Lou might be the best, most amazingly cool baby puppy EVER....


Susan said...

Well, I say puppies are harder than babies at first.
God make s them cute so you don't kill them.
"Oh my god she ate my favorite shoes!! Awww look how cute she is!"
Dogs are truly all about unconditional love.
Their devotion is unmatched.

yoga chickie said...

Unconditional love is something awesome to behold. Where else do you get that (maybe from your kids, but only before they are old enough to start criticizing the way you cut strawberries and how dark you toast their bagels)?

Btw, I hope you don't mind (?!), but I sent someone a link to your blog because she said her Ipod was hungry and she needed some ideas, and you have such good taste in music...She is Industry Whore on blogger - and her blog is hysterical.


yoga chickie said...

Oh, and Susan...I got an email from Ian, the Updog guy...remember him? He was not at all offended by our impromptu virtual-web adjustment of his pose. He has a great sense of humor and knows a LOT about yoga - lived in Mysore for a long time, actually. I asked him to post a comment here, so that we can all share the wealth. Still waiting...(Ian, do you hear me?)


Susan said...

I am glad I didn't insult anyone! It's always great to have new people to link up to. Don't mind you giving my blog address at all. I need some new music myself...
I will check out her blog.
When our dog was a puppy, I had to take him out to pee in the middle of the night. In my polka dot boxers in the cold. But he would look up at me, this tiny little black and white spotted thing and my heart would just melt.

yoga chickie said...

Where do you think they got the term, "puppy dog eyes"?

I think it is so cool that yoga brings people together from all over the world (particularly Ashtanga yoga). Blogging in general has this incredible ability to connect people in a way that message boards and chat never did. It's really amazing.

Hey, how annoying is my word verification? I have to use it every time I post a comment too, and I can NEVER get it right on the first try. Maybe I need reading glasses?

Susan said...

Yeah, it really is amazing.
A crazy New York Jewish yogi mom getting hooked up with a crazy California alternative yogi mom.
How cool is that?
And I find it easier than getting to know people at my own studio sometimes. I don't always feel like chatting after class when I'm in the yoga glow, zone or whatever it is.
I wanted to add, you have really helped make this a much more homey talkative place. Thank you for that.

yoga chickie said...

Did you ever look to see where the people who are reading your blog are located? I have a tracker that tells me - and it is incredible to see that people in Belgium, Japan, India (of course), Singapore. It is amazing.

What was like before? I only have known it for as long as I have been on it...

Susan said...

Much smaller, quiet. A few comments.
Sometimes I thought I would leave.
I felt like this is amazing, but it's not taking off like it should. Now it seems more diversified, more people are talking. It's good.

yoga chickie said...

how long has been around? and how long have you been blogging? i seem to have come quite late to the party...

nobodhi said...

Hey Lauren

Thanks for sharing your journey and thoughts. One problem I've encountered is I can't access the text at the bottom of the pages. It seems to disappear under the black frame. Is there a hidden scrollbar somewhere?


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