Saturday, September 24, 2005

Stoopid girl

It's a good thing spelling doesn't count on blogs. Or maybe it does, just a little. The thing is, if I wasn't so goshderned lazy, I would just get into the habit of using blogger's spellcheck capability, thus eliminating the risk of embarASSment altogether.

Now, for a sensational slide down the slippery slope of spelling stupidity, for a full-fledged fun flight of fancy on the flagrant foul of my fledgling feat of word-flinging: Alliteration.

And gadzoinks, gosh-dangit and urp; smack me upside the noggin...the correct spelling of "that word" is:onomatopoeia

I love all the comments here...I am ADDICTED to them, really. I think I would rather comment on your comments than on anything I ever have to say, myself. The good, the bad, the ugly...anyone who knows me in real life knows that it is hard for me to resist stirring the pot a bit, so I can totally understand when others do so.

So, just thinking about the concept of spelling....why is it so apalling to be caught in the act of misspelling? Personally, I think it is far more embarassing to be caught in the act of mis-pronouncing, because to me that implies that one is a pretender, a vicarious liver of life. One can read all one wants, but if one has not lived the life one is reading about, one cannot properly pronounce words like "respite" ("res-pit", not "RE-spite") and "redux" ("ray-doo", not "REE-DUX"). But maybe that is just my "stuff".

A writing replete with misspellings possesses its own implications about the writer - perhaps that one is NOT a reader, that one is merely a poser, using big words with which one is not truly familiar, which implies a bit of fraud. Of course, in this day and age, with spellcheck easily accessible on nearly every writing platform, poor spelling may indicate something even worse...a lazy writer, an inconsiderate writer! Someone who can't be bothered to make her writing accessible to others.

Or it just might be a glitch....



P.S. I didn't spellcheck this. And I didn't even check to confirm the pronunciations of respite and redux. The Yoga Chickie is living dangerously today (and she didn't practice, since it IS Saturday, and her sore throat was even worse today...thinking about calling the doc for a Z-Pack. One of the little-known benefits of having a cancer-diagnosis under your belt is that forever after, if you want drugs, all ya gotta do is ask).


Susan said...

Yes, appalling to spell wrong. I think some people put a lot of emphasis on the small intricacies of life and are missing the big picture. Your blogging is fabulous.
Anonymous (so easy to be a faceless criticizer), I would love to see your perfectly spelled blog-o-rama.

Oh, and what is a Z pack?

Susan said...

HA! It's Chris! I thought it was some bitchy chick.OOps.
I do like your blog anonymous Chris!
Under identitiy, if you hit other and wait a few seconds, the username and URL will ppo up.
Perhaps that's why you are getting so many anonymous posts.....

yoga chickie said...

Thanks, as is yours...

Now, how is it that you have school age critters without ever having dealt with a Z-pack? Z is for Zythromax. It is that nifty antibiotic that you take for five days only, but it works for 10. If you have kids who spend their first year of life fending off ear infections, then you quickly start to get with the Z-pack program....I guess you weren't that "lucky"!


Susan said...

Henry had tons of ear infection, I think like 3 in the first year. And he was completely breast fed, go figure.
Aubrey none ever. Ever, crazy.
But we never got Zythromax prescription. Just Amoxycillin. They aren't too keen on handing out the big antibiotic guns here, hippy town I guess.

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Redux-pronounced Ree-ducks
this word is straight from latin and hasn't been frenchified

yoga chickie said...

See? What do I know?

chris said...

I can be a bitchy chick sometimes...
Sorry if I offended anyone. I just was bothered by an anonymous comment cutting (as I perceived it) on another's blog (and I was in the mood to say something). Perhaps it wasn't my place, I just like YC and and didn't see the need...

yoga chickie said...

Thanks Chris. We all can be bitchy chicks sometimes!


jody said...

I feel like I missed something...darn!
Um, I know you've been to my place and its
fulla mistakes so you know I got your back when it comes to that.

yoga chickie said...

What you didn't catch wasn't much...

Your blog rocks, Jody, and I am picky... Keep on!


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