Monday, September 19, 2005

Oh yeah, and my practice...

Shala X was warm and sweaty this morning. Teacher was cheerful and welcoming. Teacher asked me when was the last time I practiced, and I told him I had been there Thursday and did only Standing Poses and Finishing, and that I had practiced at home and went through Garba Pindasana but skipped Navasana and Bhuja Pidasana. He told me to go ahead and practice to wherever it felt right for me today, which turned out to be Mari C, and he agreed.

My twisting is still in need of major help, although it could simply be that I am not fully recovered from my abdominal surgery. I can't say that there is really any problem with my ability to bind anymore. Binding has become like putty in my hands. And so, it is the twisting that is the uphill battle for me....patience....time....practice....

So, let's see, highlights and lowlights: My Surya Namaskar B has lost some of its smoothness. I think I just need some time to reacquaint myself with it. It just feels kind of jagged to me right now. Got my hands to the floor in Prasarita Padotannasana C with a minimum of gentle help from Teacher. All of the seated poses and my vinyasas in between felt "right". Until Mari C. Then I lost my breath, I needed help to get the bind (I was soooooo close on my own, but I still needed help to get the actual solid bind). And I did my first, tentative Urdhva Dhanurasana (full backbend). One was enough. I couldn't believe I even did one! My finishing sequence was nice. I bound in Bhadda Padmasana, which was really cool.

I think I am going to get a 6-day a week instead of the 3-day a week I bought. It wouldn't be a bad thing to be there nearly every day, even if some days I take it very easy.

Oh, and then I had my six month check-up at the oncologist. All is well. Nothing to report, and no news is good news. Next appointment in six months, unless it turns out that I have signs of osteoporosis, which could very well be. In that case, I will need one single infusion of a drug called Zometa in order to help me keep my bone mass (remember, I have the bones of a 69 year old woman at this point - menopause, thank you very much).



Susan said...

Nice to find Shala X, sonds nice.
So nice to have options...

Glad about the test results!

yoga chickie said...

Yes, life is good!!

But hey, let me ask you something...Lou the Beagle is hardly eating. She weighs less than 4 pounds, so I wouldn't expect her to eat much. But still...did this happen when your dog was a young pup?


He's Dead, Jim! said...

Good for you, Lauren! I can only dream of Mari C at this point. I've been on airplanes and in cars for the past week, no yoga in sight.

Though I did have five awesome days with my adorable niece ! Life is good.

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