Thursday, September 22, 2005

Self practice with laughter

So, due to my teaching schedule today, I was unable to go to Shala X. Instead, I squeezed in a self practice in the Mysore room at Yoga Sutra. It wasn't my most intense and focused practice, but it was a lot of fun. David K, the founder of Sutra was practicing as well, and there was a student (the Horse Trainer) who wanted to watch him (since he practices third series), or rather watch and chat. And then Christopher showed up, and the four of us ended up chatting as David and I practiced. Christopher gave me pointers in Prasarita Pado A and Triang Mukha Pada Paschimo, and the Horse Trainer (a pretty accomplished student herself) gave me an assist in Mari C after she and Christopher noted that my fingers were touching (!!!!!). Later Christopher noted that I need not worry about Mari C because it is nearly there!!! Mari D, not so much. I finished all of Primary, since by the time I got past Mari D, it was just me practicing. When the cat's away....Anyway, it felt great. I am looking forward to learning the poses after Mari C, one on one with Teacher at Shala X, but for now, it's fun to practice them on my own when I am practicing by myself.

I am loving the Finishing sequence lately. LOVING Badha Padmasana. LOVING Pindasana. I feel like my surgery (the repair of my abdominal diastasis) has really made a huge difference in my practice. I hope the stitches hold together....

Breast Cancer Survivors class was really a blast tonight. We had six students, two of whom were new, one of whom didn't even have breast cancer - she just wanted to be there because she has a family history and she just had some breast surgery (not for cancer). We are sharing the Mysore room, thanks to Christopher's generosity and the general generous spirit at Yoga Sutra. Namaste Yoga Sutra!!! You guys really put the yoga back in yoga....

If I sound tired and disjointed, it is because I am!

Bedtime for Yoga Chickie...



Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm really sorry I missed the class last night. I've got to work on my schedule.


yoga chickie said...

We missed you, girl!!! Please come back. After class, we went for some healthy Mexican and still got home in time for ER.

I am not teaching next week because I have a school thingy. Michele is subbing for me. Also, we are doing another 108 next month, so you can check on your progress!

Talk to you soon,


Jerry Grigg said...

There are different opinions on this subject.

Arlie Malecha said...

are you serious?

yoga chickie said...

Differences of opinion about WHATA? Serious about WHAT?


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