Monday, September 26, 2005

No one is calling anyone a nut...

But it seems that some clarification is needed.

Here is the comment that seems to have gotten a certain good-writer/good-speller (the "Good Spelling Commentator") a bit peaved:

"Hey Chris...thanks for going to bat for me on my're sweet. Don't let Anonymous get to you....the internet is full of nuts. When you're not nuts (as opposed to no news or nose news), it is hard to imagine that others are. But sometimes a nut is just a nut....Lauren (and now I am sounding like one...)"
Please note, that this comment appeared not on THIS blog, but on Wandering Mind, Chris's blog. The comment was inspired by something (an) Anonymous (not sure if it was The Good Speller) wrote on MY blog REGARDING Chris, which wasn't nice and which constituted an ad hominum attack (I am SURE I spelled that wrong) - an attack on the person, himself. I deleted it, and felt like I should say something to Chris to make him feel better in case he read it before I had deleted it - because based on the way Chris has defended me on my own blog, I make the assumption that Chris is sensitive to insults and barbs from anonymous sources.

I was not saying that the Good Spelling Commentator was a nut. I was speaking generally of "inter-nuts", which are everywhere, and I went so far as to say that I was beginning to sound like one, myself. I think anyone can, given the right context.

As for the Good Spelling Commentator: I am HAPPY you commented on my spelling. Let's just set that one straight for the record, a'ite? What I do object to is commentator-to-commentator insults and in-fighting. If anyone is going to be the brunt of insults on my blog, it is going to be me beause at least I wield the power to delete if I get really, really upset about something (I do try not to abuse that power and let the less-than-glowing comments fall where they may).

As for "K", who has commented here anonymously before because I recognize the writing style, I am left with the feeling that it is better if I just don't respond to you at all because any response is going to simply exasperate you more and further convince you of whatever it is that you are already convinced of regarding me, my opinions, my vanity, my writing style. That is not to say that I mind your commenting here freely, K. Please, go right ahead and keep on commenting. Your perspective is obviously quite different from mine, so surely it is something from which I can learn.



jody said...

Lauren I think your totally nuts, but thats why I like you.

yoga chickie said...

See? It's GOOD to be nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

sorry, but I have never responded to any of your writing, though lord knows I have been very very tempted. I can assure you that I am not the only person that sometimes finds your blog a bit unbalanced.

good luck

Anonymous said...

um...who said wa about who? i think a'ite is such a good spelling!!(:
Lauren I knew you would be glad that I put that spelling correction as I would have. I am glad your comment to Chris wasn't about me. I hope no one said anything too bad about anyone, although I think it would be strange. It is nice you are trying to protect peoples sensitivites. I am also sensitive(can you tell by how I thought it was me you were speaking of LOL?) So if everyone was as protective as you, it would surely be a better world.

yoga chickie said...

my blog a bit unbalanced, k? hmmm...i am not sure why you would expect otherwise. it is, after all, MY thoughts, MY observations, MY opinions. it's not like i'm writing for the new york times. reading this, you know, you're getting yoga chickie's view of things, nothing more, nothing less..

Anonymous said...

The definition of "unbalanced," "crazy," "nuts":

Someone who thinks differently than I do, someone who is unique and creative. All good writers are nuts. All comedians are nuts.

We would have a pretty dull world without the nuts.

Hail to the nuts!


Another Nut to Crack

chris said...

Thanks, YC. Fortunately or unfortunately, I never actually read it but sort of assumed. I'm actually sort of curious what was said :)

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