Thursday, September 15, 2005

Before the "after" photo,

there was me, bloated and heavy from steroids, and wearing a shaggy blonde of nine wigs in several different colors, styles and textures (my favorite was the long, layered strawberry blonde, the silliest was the shoulder-length set of highlighted, dark-rooted corkscrew curls that I called the "Carrie Bradshaw"). The above photo was taken by my mom in the hospital waiting room, not too long after I finished my last chemo, as I waited to be called in for my bilateral oophorectomy.

And there was me with a buzz cut and a nostril pierce. The above photo was taken about two months after my last chemo when my hair had started to grow back all short and punky. The little diamond nostril stud is only visible if you actually click on the photo for a close-up. It did not go over well with the Husband or the Friends, by the way.

I kind of miss that little diamond stud. The buzz cut not so much. The blonde wig not at all.



nobodhi said...

Hey Lauren

sorry to be a pest. I left a comment yesterday about missing out on half your posts because they disappear under the black frame at the bottom. And now I don't know if you responded cos I can't get to the bottom of that post where the comment box is!
I too love your ranting. It's honest and refreshing.


Susan said...

Henry likes the picture of the arm fart. He loves anything fart related.

I can appreciate the nose piercing, very cute.
I can't imagine what your journey must have entailed.
My friend just had a melanoma on her back which they thought had spread through her lymph system. It hasn't, but to watch her and her husband and daughter go through this has been tough.

You are one tough chick.....with cute boys!

Julie said...

Got similar pictures from when I was a kid...

But from one cancer chick to another... gotta take it with humour.

As Tom Green said, "Cancer is always a hoot!"


yoga chickie said...

Nobodhi - I posted to you in a new post.

Julie - I left you a comment on your blog.

Susan - you always know how to make this chickie smile!


Anonymous said...

You do not look bloated. You look beautiful in both pics. So much different than I thought from the little black and white one. I can't believe when I imagine myself as you in this story. You must have a lot of ... well...God in you! your boys are adorable. Stay light chickie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

I haven't been around for a few weeks, I was in CA/NV for a wedding over Labor Day, came back for a few days and then headed back to CA for a week for work. I actually have started doing "yoga", or as much as I can in the back of the airplane, these are long flights!

Anyway, to me you look beautiful in both pics, I don't really see bloated, but I know I'm always harsher on myself in pics then everyone else. And your boys are adorable.

I can't seem to get my PC to go back to read all of what happened while I was gone, but clearly some one else decided that it was perfectly fine to attack your blog anonymously... I'm sorry, I don't understand, but suffice it to say, there are some realy crazies in the world and the internet is a great place for them to hide out.

I will see you tomorrow at "Yoga for Hope", you're doing a wonderful thing.

Also, please e-mail me when you're teaching at Yoga Sutra this week, I'm around.


chris said...

I realize I've gone back in time here, but returning the favor, you look great in both these pictures. It's hard to believe there was any suffering with eyes so bright. And, no offense meant, I have to say that your profile pic doesn't do you justice. These pictures show your beautiful eyes, cheeks, nose and freckles... You lose a bit with the black and white... (this was meant to be a compliment, hope it sounds like one)


yoga chickie said... is taken as a compliment! I know the black and white pic isn't good. But color pics don't feel quite right for the profile. Anyway, it shouldn't matter what we look like, right? Right.


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