Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Inducting the Newbies...

Today I did half of my training to be a volunteer in the Resource Library at Columbia Presbyterian's Oncology Floor. It used to be the Breast Center's Resource Library for those newly diagnosed with breast cancer. But there are so many other kinds of cancers being treated on the floor, and so many patients who need the support and assistance when they first come in with a diagnosis...the natural evolution was toward a full-service Resource Center.

I still have another three hours of training, a monthly meeting and six hours of internship, plus I need a full physical and two separate tuberculosis tests.'d think they were doing me a favor. But I suppose that all of this will just ultimately serve to increase my commitment to the cause.

After my training session, I came home and literally forced food down Lou the Beagle's throat. She is totally off her feed, and her ribs were starting to show through her fur. This is NOT okay for a baby puppy. I am going to be placing food on the back of her tongue until she is willing to eat this crap herself. Who could blame her? Kibble is absolutely NASTY. Plus, she has these teeny tiny little teeth, so everything is all mashed up and mushed up anyway. Not a lot of fun to eat food that's practically already been digested.

Oh, and before my training session, I had a wonderful practice at Shala X. Teacher gave me wonderful, wonderful adjustments in Mari A, B and C, and it looks like I am really, really close to getting Mari C on my own. After we finished, Teacher told me that he thinks that this heavy-duty Mari A through C approach is going to give me the breakthrough I need on my binds, and everything else will fall into place after that. I completely agree (although Mari D could still be a big hurdle...but maybe with C in full form, D won't be so difficult?) and am loving that I am moving slowly through the series again. Learning one tough pose at a time is plenty. I have absolutely NO anxiety anymore before practice. I just come in and do my thang.

Saw an old friend at the shala, someone I used to know from my Bikram days. Last time I saw her, I was probably nearly bald, and she was putzing around after a Bikram class in Supta Kurmasana and Badha Padmasana. I knew someday she would become an Ashtangini...and I was right!

Hey...yogis and yoginis out there...can someone comment here with some good advice on how to jump forward from downdog? One of my students really is trying hard, and it's not fully happening yet. She wrote about it in a comment to an earlier post, and since I have to run to get my kids from school now, I can't write something up on this until later...So, until then...any advice?




Anonymous said...

Ill tell you what helps me its a bit zany but it works. Have you ever watched a cat jump, you'll notice that they use the lower part of their body like a spring. Well I visualize that when Im jumping forward becasue you need to use the lower part of your back your sacrum I think, independantly from the push off with the legs to get forward with enough height so that your feet have clearance.
I hope this makes sense it maybe difficult to visualize but if you think of usuing your sacrum and bandahs it should help you out....

yoga chickie said...

So, to summarize, mentally conjure the image of a springing cat, and technically speaking, lift from the inside out, pull the lower belly muscles in and up as you press into your hands and jump the feet HIGH as much as you jump them forward?

(sounds good to me)


Anonymous said...

yeah, I wish I could have said it liek that.

Susan said...

Inhale up on the toes, look forward, exhale bend the knees, on a no breath spring forward.
If you watch John Scott's video, at the beginning he does this forward motion pre bending thing. He raises up on his toes and comes forward with his shoulders a bit, looks up between his hands, goes back and then springs forward. The looking forward really gets the forward movement.
Also in his book he recommends to pretend there is something you are jumping over, or place a block there and practice that way. It will force you to engage the bandhas.
My two cents.

vivage said...

My two cents: Lead with the sacrum and the feet/legs will follow. It reminds me of a kicking donkey sorta kinda. Looking forward a foot or two in front of the hands will allow the feet to land between the hands.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the ideas everyone!. I know I need to be going up and over more. When we were doing the 108 Sun Saluatations, I was trying not to fall behind everyone else. Alas tonight's another practice.


yoga chickie said...

Alas? Be joyful! Hooray!! Tonight's another practice...


Anonymous said...

Actually, I meant that joyfully. I guess it didn't come off that way. See you tonight.


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