Friday, January 20, 2006

Why is it so hard

to practice on Fridays? Thursdays are usually amazing. But by Friday morning, I can't motivate. Not only can I not motivate, I feel genuinely exhausted. I wonder if it is that my Thursdays are too packed with activity...wake up, walk dog, take kids to school, spend first hour of school day helping out in Addy's classroom, run off to Yoga Sutra to teach a 10-11:30 yoga class, change from my "teaching" clothes to my "practicing" clothes and take Erika's led half primary, shower, grab a bite to eat, take Lewis out for a long walk, pick kids up from school and then get back down to Yoga Sutra for 7:30 Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors was there that my lovely and amazing students asked me to teach them how to have a "yoga butt". A common request, I suppose.

I laughed and told them I would let them know as soon as I figured it out.

Nevertheless, we proceeded to hold numerous variations on Utkatasana, to hold our Virabadhrasanas for eight long breaths and to transition from Vira I to Garudasana (eagle - all twisted up but standing) and then hold that for over a minute. Now my butt is aching. ACHING.
As a general rule, I try not to demonstrate too much in class. But I am forced to as things stand right now with the YBC since I am constrained to use my voice as little as possible, seeing as we share the space with the Ashtanga Led class, which happily for Yoga Sutra is getting bigger by the week.

(**More about that later...exciting new developments....!!!!!**)

But I that a lot for one day? I honestly can't really say for sure. It feels like a lot. But maybe I am just not as spry as I would like to be.

So anyway, "bottom" line (no pun intended), I did not practice today. I barely left my house today. Now I am going to pick up my kids and take the dog out for a long walk with them and then the dreaded supermarket....ah, the days of Fresh Direct are already a thing of the past now...

Perhaps I will take a led class at Shala X tomorrow? I have been meaning to check that out. But the entire primary series!?? Can I? Should I?? Is it criminal? What happens in Mysore on days where there is led class? Do the students stop at their "last" pose and go straight to backbends?



samasthiti said...

Go for the crim....I do the whole series once a week. Ask you Sir about it.

yoga chickie said...

Susan...could the Diet Peach Snapple be doing me in??? So un-saatvic it is?

Anonymous said...


Yoga butt--it has to do with bf percentage mostly--and (IMHO) there are easier ways to get it than practicing yoga.....

please update me on Yoga Sutra...I am a former student before I relocated.....


yoga chickie said...

It depends on what you consider to be a yoga butt. I think of a yoga butt as one that is round and firm, due to well-developed glutes...not necessarily a small butt.

I will post about the changes I am talking about, but I don't think they will effect you...they concern the Yoga for Breast Cancer class...

Tiffersll said...

FRIDAYS??! No no no, why is it so hard to practice on Saturday?!

yoga chickie said...

Tiff, if I may call you Tiff (lol), the answer is very simple: Saturday is DAY OFF traditionally! No wonder you don't feel like practicing on Saturdays!

Sara said...

I notice I can barely get off the couch on Friday nights, and I think a lot of it is because we're parents (and especially of *boys*)! I seem to remember boundless energy before they came along.

By the way, I really appreciate the comments you leave at my blog, and your insight. Thanks!

yoga chickie said...

Sara! I was just thinking of you and your blog...I was looking at your website not even two minutes ago, and I think it is fabulous. Your articles are awesome, as are your photos! VERY well done.


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