Saturday, January 07, 2006

Na na na-na-na

I am the most enlightened yogi out there. And if you don't think so, that just means that you're stupid. Er, rather, I mean acting stupid, because I would never attack the person, just the behavior. And that is what raises me above the rest of you...that and the fact that I've met Guruji. Twice. Plus the fact that I can get my foot behind my head...not that I'm proud of it, it's just something that I do. Like scratching my ass, which I would never even THINK of doing without my teacher having first given me the okay. Unlike the rest of you ego-driven, desire-following, attachment-tethered, ambition-seeking morons who don't have any business practicing MY kind of yoga in the first place.

(this message has been brought to you as a public service announcement and completely and utterly in jest)



samasthiti said...

I wonder if you'll get any bites?

yoga chickie said...

Well, the bud apparently hates the blog, so i would doubt that she'd be reading it...right?


samasthiti said...

You know, I have seen her around the Ez board and I am always amazed at the depth of her hostility and anger. Obviously she practices ashtanga but obviously she really doesn't practice any of the first two limbs.
Why so much animosity and sarcasm? I just have to wonder....why?

yoga chickie said...

Ignoring my impulse to not waste any more time and energy on something so useless (brahmacharya) or to allow her to subtly steal energy from me (asteya), I would posit that perhaps she is a decent person in "real life" and that the nastiness on the board is her one concession to letting out her aggressions in the least harmful forum possible. THAT is giving benefit of the doubt, no?

Anonymous said...

Funny Lauren! I would like to see a blog like this just to read the comments. AND there are many, and I have met them, that this paragraph would be a common thread in their psyche. Sad? No I actually find it very amusing.


samasthiti said...

Definitely don't waste your time.
It's like your anonymous "friends" trying to fix you and your blog.
If yoga can't fix her only a professional anger management counselor appointed by the state....
Let's face it, she sucks. That just how it is.

Anonymous said...

Funny Lauren!


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