Thursday, January 19, 2006

BARF is the best

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food...for dogs. It is amazing how Lewis has taken to it. For anyone who has dog, I highly recommend it.

As for me, eating more saatvic foods has definitely helped me already. Feeling much much much better.

Led half primary today with Erika rocked. I can't believe we get the entire half primary plus the entire finishing sequence in (including savasana) in 60 minutes. LOTS of heat. Lots of bend. It was awesome.



Chief Scientist said...

Leaving out personal pronouns kinda creeps me out. Are you in that much of a hurry?

samasthiti said...

And remember, aspartame is not sattvic...
I wish you would give up the peach Snapple.
Please. Please, just for a week?

yoga chickie said...

Mod, um, what??

Susan...I wish! You have no idea how deep the addiction steps, okay?

samasthiti said...

I had a love affair with diet Coke for about um, 12 years!
I don't anymore!
I understand...

samasthiti said...

Moderator is not funnier than you are, btw.

yoga chickie said...

Thanks, sweetie, but you give me too much credit. That said, Moderator's font kind of creeps me out, as does his profile pic, which makes him look like Lock on Lost. Scaaaaaaaaary.

samasthiti said...

He's also a wee bit of a chauvanist..Just a little. Note, I didn't say male chauvanist pig which I really wanted to say but was feeling it was a bit RUDE.

samasthiti said...

Egads, I hope you don't post that with the misspelling of chauvinist.

yoga chickie said...

Why hold back? He doesn't!

(no worries on the misspellings. I apparently have very poor grammar.)

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