Saturday, January 21, 2006

But I'm 40

And at one time, I knew how to program in Fortran. Does anyone else even know what that is? I am sure that computer savviness is generally inversely proportional to age.

Thanks, Vanessa, for the link to the Geek Test.



Sammy said...

How come you knew FORTRAN? You studied Engineering as pre-law?

It was my first programming class in Engineering school, lots of years ago.
Oh man... I'm depressed now.

yoga chickie said...

I was an English (literature) major, but in my freshman year at Tufts, I was required to take a science/math class, and I decided to venture into Fortran for reasons that are entirely unclear to me now!


samasthiti said...

I am now 31!

yoga chickie said...

Your score, not your age, right?

samasthiti said...

Well, I, uh, yes.
I am a wannabe.

Karen said...

Hey, I'll take the 38 the quiz gave me. That's a great improvement over my actual age!

Anonymous said...

That was funny, 5 mins. of my life... I scored a 43, but I should add I was a Comp Sci/Math major in school, so I probably should have scored higher!


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