Friday, January 20, 2006

"Pink Lotus Yoga"

I am thrilled to have found studio space at The Arch, a not-for-profit organization in midtown that is committed to creativity-based and multicultural education, for a Tuesday evening ongoing Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors class (to read about what Yoga can do for breast cancer survivors, please click on the following article that I wrote: A Garden From a Battlefield, which was published this past fall in My Guru Guide).

Thanks to the non-profit nature of The Arch (and of Yoga Chickie), classes will be offered in 4-packs costing $50 - nice price, right? Because the room will be intimate, I would like to keep the class to no more than five students. I have three already for the first four weeks. If you're reading this and you're someone who thinks this class could be beneficial for you, then please let me know as soon as possible...

We do plan to continue the Thursday evening classes at Yoga Sutra until March 1, but we have to face the fact that there are getting to be some space constraints vis a vis an evening class that is neither Asthanga, Vinyasa or Iyengar. You see, Yoga Sutra has three wonderful rooms, each dedicated to one of the three major lineages of Krishnamacharya's yoga teachings. And happily for Yoga Sutra, all three of the rooms are now in continuous use from 6:00 p.m. on.

(There was a time, many months ago, when it was easy for my Breast Cancer Survivors class to share the Ashtanga room with the evening led class. It's been getting to be a bit more challenging as the number of students in the led class grows exponentially week by week (big shout-out to my colleague Alystyre Julian for being such a wonderful teacher and such a soothing presence).)

Even better news though is that the Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors class will move to DAYTIME! YAY!!! As of March 1, the class will be 1:15-2:15 on Thursday afternoons at Yoga Sutra. Hopefully, I will be able to reach more people by having one class in the evening and one during the day.

I am very excited!


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