Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mari D is coming

I am closing up the space between my wrapping arm's armpit and my up-knee. Today I sat on a folded towel to keep myself balanced as I reached myself into the pose (binding by the finger-pads) while waiting for my full-on assist from Madam. That helped quite a bit, but I assume that someday sooner rather than later, I will have the proper balance to accomplish the same thing on my own, without the need for a towel to stabilize my butt on the floor.

But right now, there remains one thing that keeps Mari D from being a drama-free, smooth part of my practice the way Mari C has become: the hard little domes standing upon my ribcage, or as my plastic surgeon would refer to them, my breasts. I can only use that term loosely, particularly lately as I have begun to notice the onset of what appears to be capsular contracture in the breast that was radiated, although I've been using Arnica, and my symptoms have seriously been diminishing in the past couple of days.

Anyhoo, see how the yogini pictured at left has both of her breasts, facing squarely towards the right side of her space? Well, that is the task for me now...only it isn't so easy, given the lack of give in both breasts. They don't squish. My shoulders and chest have opened up so so nicely, and I am so pleased about that. But the hard little breasts are a problem that isn't likely to go away. On the bright side, once I GET there, it will be DEEP, just by necessity.

In any event, practice on Tuesdays at Shala X is pure joy. So much time stretching out before me. It's heaven.

On an unrelated note, I would like to add one more thought regarding Allie G and The Bachelor:

I am truly saddened that this is how the producers of The Bachelor chose to present their one CLEARLY "smart, career girl" archetype. I am sure that plenty of tears were shed by all of the girls whom The Bachelor sent home. I am sure that there were plenty of sour grapes and cattiness.

Howeverm the producers and editors CHOSE to show Dr. Allie's meltdown, her confrontation of The Bachelor, her keening and whining to her unsympathetic fellow-rejects. Sure, it makes for great TV. But this was just a bit too predictable, a bit too easy: the career girl bemoaning her "rotting eggs" and how men never want the intelligent, serious girls like her. The truth is, Allie G acted out the classic "self-fulfilling prophecy" with The Bachelor, presenting not her best side to him, but rather, her quaking, insecure insides, ensuring that he would reject her for all of that which she seems to be ambivalent about in herself. And then she blames him for not taking a liking to her! From the way she acted with him in the brief time she spoke to him, it would appear that she didn't much like herself either!

If this is the way Allie G typically acts on first dates, then she should probably read some self-help books, talk to a counselor, take a break from dating, perhaps, until she can learn to be comfortable with the choices she has made and the person she is such that she doesn't feel neurotically compelled to do the conversational equivalent of throwing open her trench coat and revealing her stark naked body.

But how about not punishing the smart, career girls out there, ABC, by showing THIS particular meltdown?


P.S. I just realized, the Bachelor's name is Travis STORK. Maybe it was all a big misunderstanding? Perhaps Allie G thought took his name seriously and thought that he was going to bring her a baby?

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