Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just remember - you read it here first

Not long ago, I blogged about how Jane Brody, the columnist I love to hate, ought to spend less time writing about boring and relatively arcane topics like knee replacement and more time writing about more personal and lively topics like boob replacement. Well, today, imagine my surprise when I opened up the Science Times to see that Jane had jumped on the boob band wagon: the topic du jour was After Mastectomy, Finding the Right 'New Normal'.

Sadly, my verdict: sketchy at best. Between Julie and me alone, we could run circles around Ms. Brody's arms' length, superficial, demotionalized (if it's not a word, it should be) reporting. As we Jews like to say, it's a "shondah" (a shame, or, a pity) that Ms. Brody, a breast cancer survivor, herself, can't bring herself to go first person in an article that deals with so intimate a subject as breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

Note to Jane Brody:

We all remember when you had breast cancer, Jane. Five years, schmive years. As a health writer, you have a moral obligation to act as an ambassador to those looking for information on the topic. For you to distance yourself from the subject matter with your silence, your third-person detachment, sends a message to your readers that we hear loud and clear. In doing so, you do more to damage to the cause of "breast cancer awareness" than ALL the pink ribbon rip-offs combined can do to enhance it.



Anonymous said...

You go grrrl!

Julie said...

I have to admit, I can't make heads or tails out of that article. As one of those woman who made the choice she refers to (preventative mastectomy -- which she never names by name), this article reads like a flyer I might get from a plastic surgeon. Were she really researching her material she'd have located FORCE in the very least and, at best, be aware of the latest and greatest options for both genetic/hereditary risk women and breast cancer survivors which include one step procedures like the one I had.

I'm not sure what the point of this health article was about... and it is surprising that the author has been through breast cancer herself.

Karen Mojo said...

Happy New Year.

samasthiti said...

You should both send her e-mails....
I have learned so much more from you and Julie. it seem you both are far more educated in this area.
E-mail the editor.

Anonymous said...

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