Sunday, January 01, 2006

What I learned the year I turned 40

1. We have very little control over a very large portion of our experience. Accept it, don't fight it.

2. Bad things can happen to you even if you thought you had already had your fair share of hard luck.

3. Good things can happen to you even when you thought your luck had already run out.

4. Dogs are amazing, loving creatures.

5. Never EVER buy a dog from a pet store. For that matter, don't buy a dog at all: rescue a dog from a shelter, or better yet, the pound.

6. Practice and all is coming. I knew this when I used to run marathons. I somehow forgot it over time....and now I have learned it again.

7. Mari D and Mari C are actually POSSIBLE - I NEVER thought they could be. NEVER. And yet here I am doing them...on my own...!!

8. Teach from the heart, and your students will find you.

9. When you get enough sleep, your muscles and joints feel better than when you don't.

10. If you want to lose weight, eat less. NEVER diet.

11. The Upper East Side is pretty much a wasteland when it comes to yoga. Just ACCEPT it already.

12. Always get the refill on the prescription meds, even if you think you don't need to. I won't explain this one other than to say that in this day and age, insurance companies suck, and doctors are seldom available for their patients who aren't imminently sick. Might as well stockpile.

13. Morning movies are a delight: no crowds, no candy cravings, better attention span and focus.

14. Stargazer lilies smell great, but they don't last the week. Stick to the yellow lilies for the staying power.

15. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the BEST BEST BEST cleaning product ever invented. No more fingerprints on doors! No more scuffmarks on the baseboards! WOOHOO!!!

16. I am officially a housewife. I even wax ecstatic about cleaning products...

17. I kind of LIKE biting my nails.

Happy New Year!!!



samasthiti said...

I will have to try the Mr. Clean eraser. I don't like toxic cleaning stuff, but if it does what you say it does....

Anonymous said...

Lauren, I loved this post. It is so simple and sweet. I really felt you were writing from the heart. I think your heart has expanded incredibly over the last year. I am glad your 'lawyer voice' is letting your yogi voice take over. It is so beautiful. Take care lovely lady.

yoga chickie said...

Thanks Sonya...and Susan, I don't see any ingredients listed on the magic eraser. I am thinking that it is nothing more than a slightly abrasive sponge. But damn, it really works!

samasthiti said...

Hey Lauren,
That eraser thing kicks butt! I went nuts and used three already!
I need a case!

I think it might have ammonia in it, as you aren't supposed to use it with bleach..

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! Mari D and C never thought too but getting D on my own was really self empowering still needs help in C hoping for the new year........... namaste

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