Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lost notes

I finally finished my Lost marathon, having watched the entire first season and every episode thus far of the second season, all in a matter of a week. And to answer the question that may well be on your mind, yes, I have better things to do. But that doesn't stop me from making time for my latest obsession.

Lost is everything that Twin Peaks was not. Twin Peaks had so much promise early on. But it led nowhere, meandering into unimaginative, juvenile territory until answers were finally revealed that seemed more like a punch line thana resolution. But on Lost, there is some measure of method to the madness; of that much I am convinced. Slowly, very slowly, the disparate pieces come together. But as in life, some answers only bring further questions, and ultimately, there just are no answers.

So, here in no particular order, are Yoga Chickie's notes on Lost, thus far:

1. The mysterious "hatch", with its psycho-scientic experiment that involves inputting a series of numbers into an outdated PC every 108 minutes has some definite and obvious Eastern philosophy connections: To wit, the number 108, which is a meaningful number in many relegions and cultures, but particularly eastern cultures. Also, the "instruction video" ends with "Namaste". The organization behind the experiment is the "Dharma Initiative".

2. I am waiting for the clinical psychologist character, Libby, to watch that instructional video, which makes references to B.F. Skinner, who was a behavioral psychologist who was famous for his "Skinner Box", and make the realization that the joke is on those who keep pressing the button.

3. The scary/crazy French woman on the island, Danielle Rousseau's daughter, Alex, was taken by The Others on the first day of her life. In the most recent Lost episode, it is quietly revealed that Alex is now an "Other". She was the one holding Kate captive: "Bring her out, Alex," says the grizzled leader. I have not read one reference to this anywhere, on any of the message boards or fan sites (I did a google search). Am I the only one that heard the name "Alex" spoken?

4. I am beginnning to wonder if the surviving passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 survive on the island UNTIL such time as they fulfill some destiny/complete some task that they need to complete. Most of the passengers we have met are traumatized in some way, some BIG way. Boone met his death after he proved himself to be a hero, which he had always been trying to prove to Shannon, to no avail. Shannon died after finding self-sufficiency and then love with a decent man. I am waiting to see who is next to go and if it fits into my theory.

5. IF my theory is correct, then what does that make the island? And what do the Others have to do with that? And why do the others take "the good" people? And what about the surviving Flight 815 passengers is NOT good (aside from the obvious ones - the criminals, the fugitives, the sell-outs, etc.)? Like, why is Rose not being "taken"? Why were most of the "good" ones concentrated in the tail section of the plane?

More to to Led class.


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