Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ignoring the Siren Song....

In the driving rain of the first Noreaster of 2006, I got my butt down to Shala X this morning in spite of the seductive sounds of the Sirens of Resistence whispering in my ear. "Maybe not today," they taunted...."Your house is empty...quiet...warm...go there....curl up with your dog...inhale his delightful puppy breath, feel his soft fur...unconditional love and comfort...."

But unlike Odysseus on his voyage home to Penelope, there was no detaining me. "Just go" was was my mantra, and I used it to ward off the Sirens, whose voices diminished with each block I covered on my way down the FDR Drive until all I could hear was the rain pounding on my windshield. Noreaster or no Noreaster, I was going to get myself to Shala X today.

(this is actually what it looked like out there today)

It was so nice to be back. And it was so nice to practice slowly, knowing I had a full hour and a half before I had to move my car (damned alternate side of the street parking). I got NO adjustments from Sir, other than a verbal adjustment in Parivritta Trikonasana. He saw me struggling to balance while trying to really get my twist on, and he suggested that I open up the angle of my back foot. It worked. No one adjusted me in Prasarita Pado C, which was a bit of a bummer. I need that extra little help to get my hands to the floor. But as disappointing as THAT was, I had the pleasure of being hands-on adjusted in EVERY Marichyasana and getting another good verbal adjustment in Navasana (to lower my toes to eye level), in each case by Madam. Madam is the opposite of Sir in the sense that she is a talker. She examines your pose and discusses it with you. I have seen (heard) her do this with other students as well. Being a talker myself, and ever the analyzer, I quite like that.

Anyway, practice was great, I was thrilled that I was back, and I made sure that when I practice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays that I will not be made to go into finishing poses at 10:15 on the dot. Works for me...we shall see...

Then I had the pleasure of driving home with a fellow student, chatting as I transitioned back into Housewife mode, before heading over to Fairway, where I bought lots of cleaning products, a boatload of juice boxes and some organic fruit.

And now, for the New York City moment of the day: Despite that I drove to supermarket, I STILL had my groceries delivered. MUCH easier to have them brought directly to my front door than to have to drag them out of my trunk, into a baggage cart and up the elevator and down the hall. Those who live in the burbs have a number of advantages over us city dwellers. THIS is not one of them: in the burbs, you gotta do all of the loading and unloading of the car....


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