Thursday, January 26, 2006

This doesn't make him a metrosexual

Or so he says.

Tonight the Husband came home with shiny nails.

Me: "Are you wearing nail polish?"

Him: "No, it's just some kind of oil or something that the manicurist used."

After I come to, the Husband explains that he had decided to venture into the world of John Allan's, a salon that caters exclusively to guys: "It's a barbershop. It's for real men. There's a cigar room, they're playing pool, they're drinking beer."

"And getting manicures," I remind him.

The Husband continues to insist that "it's not what it sounds like". In fact, while he was there, he ran into a friend of ours, P, with whom I went to college and with whom we both went to law school. P is nothing if not macho.

And P got a mani too. So there.

Oh, and that's not a photo of the Husband.



Tiffersll said...

Well...if that's now your husband...who is it?! lol. A guy who cares about his appearance is very appealing - of course, if he takes longer than me to get ready (and I only take like 15 min) then I would wonder

yoga chickie said...

I was wondering the same thing...nice pecs, eh?

You, my dear, are adorable. Lovely pics on your sight!


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