Thursday, January 05, 2006

Very boring blog entry. Read at your peril.

I spent the morning at Yoga Sutra, helping out with some administrative stuff, then took Erika's half-primary led class, then shopped for a 2006 day-planner (a bit late for that, I know...) and now I am home doing laundry, laundry and more laundry. I think laundry is the WORST part of being a grown-up. You do a load, you fold it up, and then you look in the laundry bin, and there's another pair of socks, another pair of yoga pants, another tank top. For tomorrow's laundry. Because if you don't keep up with it, it overwhelms.

As a housekeeping task, keeping up with the laundry is far worse than keeping up with the vacuuming, which I quite enjoy now that I have my Dyson Animal, and besides, vacuuming doesn't undo itself quite as quickly as the laundry situation does, or at least it doesn't appear to. Taking out the garbage and recycling all my Snapple bottles is almost as bad as laundry. But I can usually get someone else to help me with that.

Wow, this is a boring topic. I am bored writing it - I can imagine how boring it is to read. OK, so then here's a random maybe-non-boring thought: Didn't Jake Gyllenhall, at the end of Brokeback Mountain, resemble Sonny Bono towards the end of his life? Well, maybe that thought was kind of boring too.

I still haven't written my thoughts on Brokeback Mountain, which is kind of odd considering that it was the best movie I have seen since Magnolia. I have so many thoughts about Brokeback, but perhaps writing them down would spoil it for me...the way talking about a lover or a yoga practice can have that spoiling effect...Or maybe I am just feeling kind of lazy.

OK, here's another random thought: ever try practicing yoga without a mat, on a hard wood floor? One of my colleagues at Yoga Sutra, Carl, who maintains the Yogascope Kaleidescope Blog (whose most recent entry is totally WHACK but a MUST READ, especially if you want to have the unique experience of feeling, simultaneously, impressed, awed and slightly nauseated), was showing me that this is possible, although not appropriate for everyone. I really, really like my Manduka Purple, but I can kind of see Carl's point. Practicing with nothing between your hands and the ground is incredibly visceral. No shock absorption, but incredibly visceral. Don't try it if you have joint issues, of course. But if you don't have joint issues, it's worth a moment of exploration.

Yet another random thought: Erika has the most beautiful smile.

Final random thought: Who the f-ck is Rosebud and why is she such a beeyotch?



Anonymous said...

I love rosebud. As for who she is, it remains, to me at least, a mystery.

Anonymous said...

rose bud is a longtime ashtanga wise one. you just don't like her because she calls you out on your "iknoweverythingaboutashtanga" attitude on the ezboard.

yoga chickie said...

Wise she might be (I wouldn't know because I can't get past the nasty, sniping attitude of her posts), but kind, decent and humble she is not. She calls out everyone about everything - using the word "saucha" for example. I have no idea who the person is behind the persona, but the persona is not the last bit yogic.

samasthiti said...

I'm sorry but who has time to read that blog-athon?

I have to agree about the Rosebud, she's a bit hard to swallow.

Another random thought, why all the Anonymous comment posters?

yoga chickie said...

I have no idea. Do you allow anons on your blog? I sometimes debate cutting 'em off. But so far, they can keep posting....

samasthiti said...

Well, I never get anonymous comments.
But I don't have the international readership that you have. Snort snort!
I just think it's pretty pathetic to hide yourself just so you can leave bitchy comments.
How about lets read your blogs Anonymous(es).

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I just read the rosebud vs. yoga chickie regarding telling someone to shut up. I have to say that although at times I roll my eyes at some of yoga chickies pronouncements she has never come off as a know it all in regards to ashtanga. Let's be fair annonymous. I think she is outspoken and sometimes naive, but mostly endearing and well meaning. More ashtangis should be like her. She was trying to be helpful on the board as well.


suziecolumbus said...

You may very well have met Rosebud somewhere in NYC yoga circles. I'm pretty sure that she practices with Eddie Stern.

And on the question of whether she has ever used rough language in slamming people on ezboard, just check out an old thread in dvarapalaka called "Who is a yoga criminal."

I can't help it but I am rooting for you in the Lauren vs. Rosebud smackdown. For one thing, you have never hidden who you are, whereas she has always refused to answer any questions about herself or back up her didactic pronouncements with any evidence.

suziecolumbus said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yoga chickie said...

suzie - for some reason your comment popped up twice....i deleted the duplicate...:)

btw - smackdown! lol!

Anonymous said...

I find RB highly entertaining and I think she's got a pretty good and effective BS detector.

I think the reason she doesn't like you is because you crave attention and that rubs her the wrong way.

It rubs me the wrong way too.

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