Friday, January 13, 2006

Full Wolf Moon

Tonight at 4 a.m, the moon will be full. Doesn't that make tomorrow the moon day for purposes of Ashtanga practice? Well, it is at Shala X. But other shalas around these parts are observing the Full Wolf Moon today. I wonder how they decide?

I am actually observing the full moon today, not practicing because I am completely spent. I had a wonderful practice yesterday (led half primary, like pretty much every Thursday), but today I feel like someone replaced my spine with a steel rod. I am wondering if my back will ever get nice and bendy? Forward bends are delicious. Twists are getting better and better. But in Urdhva Dhanurasana (full wheel), my feet and hands are really far apart. I can't even fathom ever grabbing my ankles, let alone getting the proper bend necessary to drop back properly (i.e., the head going back first, the back arching enough so that the floor becomes visible in the peripheral vision and THEN then arms reaching back for the floor, which by that point is not far away).

OK, off now to teach a private client who is not observing the moon day...


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Sergio said...

I took today off, too. I know the full moon is actually tomorrow but, just like you, I feel I need a break. These past weeks have been hard practice-wise, with the holidays and all, so it makes sense to take advantage of it rather than resting only on Saturday just like every regular week.

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