Friday, January 13, 2006

Lost Found

I know I am arriving a bit late to the party, but at least I finally discovered something on network television that I can actually sink my teeth into. Perhaps I can get rid of my HBO subscription now, seeing as Six Feet Under is six feet under, Sex and the City has gone the way of syndication, where it is quickly and steadily growing dated and embarassing, the Sopranos is simply too violent for my sensibilities (to paraphrase Sir, decapitation as entertainment is a bit far removed from Patanjali's path to enlightment), and watching Larry David as Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm is the about as comfortable as having an itch in a place where you can't scratch. Carnivale, which was pretty interesting despite moving at the pace of tumbleweed on the prairie, and Lisa Kudrow's cringeworthy but hilarious fake reaity show, are both gone. What's left? Deadwood?

I can't believe that Lost is actually on the same network as Desperate Housewives, which is some kind of Twin Peaks/Melrose Place/Knots Landing composite-wannabe and which, notwithstanding my appreciation of its paying homage to sexy 40-somethings (albeit surgically enhanced sexy 40-somethings who are beginning to resemble drag-queens) and all the sex and intrigue, cannot hold my attention long enough to figure out who is sleeping with whom and why anyone would care.

As the mysteriously healed Lock said early on in the series: "I've looked into the eye of this island, and what I beautiful."

It's an addictive recipe: Two parts Twilight Zone (any number of TZ episodes come to mind while watching Lost), one part Lifeboat, a heaping tablespoon of Old Testament (including Genesis, Noah's Ark, the Tower of Babel, to name a few), a smidgeon of an old off-broadway play called "Steambath", a dash of Rosemary's baby, plus essence of Ray Bradbury, mix well with gorgeous actors, including Matthew Fox, who is the new Peter Krause, who was at one time, the new Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lily, Maggie Grace, some dudes who are completely gorgeous whose names I don't yet know and the unbelievably charming dude-est dude of them all, (or that dude who plays him). Even better, there is not even a whiff of Survivor or Gilligan's Island....

I am LOVING my latest obsession!


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samasthiti said...

I am liking the 4th season of curb your enthusiasm.
The one where he picks up a hooker to just to ride in the carpool lane.... And he bought MJ for his dad's glaucoma from a street drug dealer played by the BIG guy from lost...and then and then...It was too much.
Usually I am so embarrassed for Larry that I can barely watch, but this season is very watchable.

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