Sunday, December 18, 2005

Winter Solstice

It's never clear to me when winter solstice is - because it changes from year to year, although it usually falls right around December 22. This year, it will be on Wednesday, December 21. I was just reading Julie's blog and saw that she and another yogini are going to get together for 108 Sun Salutations to mark this year's solstice, and I thought...what a lovely idea.

Mind if I steal it?

It just so happens that on Wednesday, I will be unable to go to Shala X because of the Winter Solstice celebration in Addy's class (can't go tomorrow either, because of the Solstice celebration in Bri's class...). So, I could (a) not practice at all, (b) do my own practice at home, (c) run off to a noon Bikram class on the theory that the shortest day of the year could be a good day to practice in my skivvies and pretend I'm in the tropics or....(d) salute the sun a propitious number of times, say, 108....thank you Julie for the idea.

Well, so let's see...choice (a) is just not an option at this point, since after two days of not practicing and three days of not practicing Ashtanga, I am already actually missing practice and finding myself fantasizing about being in poses. Choice (b) is a possibility, albeit sort of hum drum. Choice (c) is just not going to happen. So that leaves Choice (d).

If any of my students or friends (or both) are reading this and would like to join in the fun, let me know, email is fine. As you may know, my method is to flow through without stopping in Downward Facing Dog except for every sixth and 12th Surya Namaskara; on the sixth Surya Namaskara taking five full breathsa and on the 12th, dropping into Child's Pose for five breaths. I am planning on starting at noon and being done by 1:30.


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