Monday, December 26, 2005

Random thought:

"He painted with notes. He painted the people, the scenery, and the moods of Norway. In the immortal Peer Gynt Suites, ... [he] captured the rising of the sun, the lamenting of a death, and, in "The Hall of the Mountain King," the imagery of a chase scene. His works contained what are yet today readily recognizable 'tunes.'"

I am talking about Edvard Grieg, a re-discovery I made while home with the parents. I think my parents would have loved it if I had appreciated this music when I was younger. Same with art museums, for that matter. But at least I have rediscovered it in time for my own kids to think I am a total dork.

(And mom, I accidentally took the Peer Gynt CD home with me...we'll make a prisoner exchange: Grieg for Moomy.)

I am LOVING this music!



rew said...

check out his violin sonatas -- out of this world.

yoga chickie said...

I have always found myself partial to strings (maybe because I played violin growing up - quit when I was a teen, the whole rebellion thing). Are you familiar with Jean Luc-Ponty? He plays jazz on an electric violin. VERY cosmic and cool sounding.


rew said...

yes, i love his stuff. also, stephane grapelli (may be spelling that wrong) is an incredible jazz violinist.

yoga chickie said...

I love him - I saw him at the Blue Note a bunch of years ago. But I think he has since passed.


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