Thursday, December 22, 2005

Is it possible? Will practicing at Shala X actually be a possibility for me tomorrow???

Rumor has it that the strike is over. At least for now. I haven't seen one bloody bus yet, but, well, maybe it just takes time to gear up. Taught a class today to a large transit-strike crowd of one, although it was a pleasure teaching my student. She comes every week, and often, I find myself learning as much from her as she learns from me (she is a teacher too - at Dharma's). Since she craves a super-advanced practice, we covered arm balances (crow, tripod headstand into crow, several versions of koundinyasana,with a twist (as shown) and without), long and winding standing balances (ardha chandrasana to dancer and back) as well as some pretty intense backbending and backbending R&D. It was fun. Then I took the 1/2 Led Primary class with Guta, subbing for Erika. Guta is a blast. She is really tough and wouldn't stand for my neighbor dropping her thighs to the floor in Upward Facing Dog or for me skipping the "press up" before jumping back. It actually shed some light on the elusive jump-back for now seems "manifestable" rather than an impossible dream. After class, I still had a lot of heat and energy, so I did some stretching and "discovered" a new R&D pose for Kurmasana...Guta saw me and joined in, saying she had never seen anything like it before but she would describe it as a "half kurmasana". For any Bikramites out there, it's not the half-tortoise pose you're thinking of. And actually, it is really more like half bound tortoise anyway....I shall try to describe it:

One leg is straight out in front, like in Paschimotannasana. The other leg is hooked behind the shoulder, like in Compass pose. Bind, like in Bird of Paradise. Fold forward. Tada. Ardha Supta Kurmasana.

The kids have a playdate now, and the three of them helped me to set up a crate for Lewis, whose housebroken-ness seems to be quite inconsistent. I kept chalking it up to separation anxiety, but it has been hard to predict when he would rest comfortably while I was away versus when he would storm around the house peeing and pooping in an effort to train me to never EVER leave him alone again. Initially, I had wanted to avoid the crate since Lewis is already more than a year old. But my sanity cannot bear cleaning up one more accident that could have been, Lewis, "KENNEL UP!!!"

As we speak, Lewis is exploring the crate and rearranging the blankets I lined it with. Ah...ah...what's this I see? Is he curling up in the crate??? I do believe he is!!!!!

Uh...oh....darn. He just got up and left the crate and curled up NEXT to the crate. Oh well.

I can't believe I still have another class to teach tonight!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my busy season...wonder if I will run into Private Equity Man en route....tee hee



samasthiti said...

We used a crate to train Max. It worked great.
And he still like to go crawl into it sometimes even though it's way too small now. His little doggy safe cave away from the annoyances of the world.

Karen said...

Hmmmm...sometimes I could use a crate away from the annoyances of the world ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fergie, the Yorkie, has a Sherpa we take her to travel with. She goes in there to sleep very often during the day of her own accord. It has the right smells and ambience and makes her feel secure. When we take her to a hotel, she often sleeps in the Sherpa.

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