Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holy Jelly Doughnuts!

Today (in fact, in about 10 minutes), we are having a Hannukah Party here....with the primary purpose being the making of Sufganiyot, jelly doughnuts that have become an Israeli tradition on Hannukah. Last night, I made the dough and let it rise. Today it awaits the little hands of my boys and several of their friends to punch and roll it out and cut it up into little rounds for frying up.

The idea of this party came to me when Brian's best friend in school, a HUGE HUGE HUGE Yankee fan, as well as a first generation Japanese-American, was here for a playdate a week ago and told us that he really wants to be Jewish. When his mom came to pick him up, I asked her about this, and she said it was true, and that she has no problem with that since their family essentially has no religion. So, we decided to have Masaya over for a Hannukah party...complete with candle lighting, doughnut making, dreidl playing and Hannukah gelt as party favors.

I have always loved entertaining. We don't do it enough in this city, , where we have such easy access to so many wonderful restaurants (perhaps the true "ladies who lunch" do host dinner parties in their Park Avenue mansion flats...but not my crew).

So I am excited! Also coming to the party is Adam's friend, Mo. Mo is short for Mohammed, and he is not Jewis either, and since he is Muslim, he does not celebrate Christmas either....and two of Brian's friends who go to different schools, but who know each other from the competitive chess circuit, will be there.

Should be fun!

Later on, I am making my very first voyage ever up to the Bronx via subway to teach yoga in an after-school program at an elementary school. This particular after-school program is ongoing throughout the year, as a form of daycare. I have no idea what I am going to see up there, but I can imagine that it may be quite sobering.

And then a u-turn to the privileged yogis at Yoga Sutra. LOOOONG day. Haven't practiced today yet. Maybe I can squeeze it in between the Bronx and Midtown....

Sometimes I think that it's not that I THINK too much but that I think I can DO too much...



Tiffersll said...

Ohhhh doughnuts sound so good!!!! Hope you have fun!

samasthiti said...

I have always wanted to be Jewish too, can I come!?

yoga chickie said...

sure, come on over!

Karen said...

When my daughter was in first grade, we were at a school function. One of the Moms came over and said to me with delight, "I didn't know your family was Jewish!"

I looked at my daughter, the obvious source of this misinformation, and said, "Honey, we're *Irish*!"

My daughter just shrugged and said, "Whatever!"

Hope your doughnuts were yummy. Happy Hanukkah!

yoga chickie said...

too funny!! meanwhile, masaya was NOT impressed with the festivities, declaring them "boring" and deciding that maybe he might need a more exciting religion. kids!


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