Sunday, December 25, 2005

I killed a massage chair

Well, not exactly a massage "chair", more like a massage cushion, the HoMedics: Therapist Select™ Shiatsu+ Massaging Cushion, to be exact. Here is a picture of it, may it rest in peace:

But before it died, it gave me the best massage of my life. And I mean THE BEST. The Yoga Chickie family is in the burbs tonight, visiting the Yoga Chickie Parents, and they always have the latest spa accoutrements (my mom asked me to write that). Actually, they have some good stuff here...among other things, a nice, big jacuzzi and...the ill-fated HoMedics massager.

After lighting our Hanukah candles...

...making a big batch of potato latkes...

...and eating our faux-Christmas dinner...

...we went upstairs to watch March of the Penguins.

And there it was...the massage chair. It beckoned me. And at my mother's insistence, I decided to give it a try, never really believing that a mechanical massage could satisfy me. But satisfy me it did. I had practiced before dinner, and for whatever reason, I was feeling really agile and light and found myself getting very deep in Parivritta Parsvakonasana and the two twisting Mari's. I wasn't terribly sore immediately afterward, but as the hours went by, my back muscles began tightening up. So much so, actually, that the massage the chair started out almost TOO strenuously. But as my back muscles relaxed, it began to feel juuuuust right.

And then it died. It was as if the chair simply could not handle the degree of muscular tightness my back presented to it....and so, it simply siezed up and gave out. My dad was PISSED. It's not like I did anything. I just sat down and gave that chair a run for its money. After my back muscles, what was left for it to conquer?

Thank you for giving your life to me, Mom and Dad's HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion. I will always remember our night together...


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