Friday, December 30, 2005

Move over Geico the Kleenex Monk

Poor guy - after a quiet, meditative walk through a seemingly zen-inspired garden, during which he gently and deftly saves the lives of several tiny members of the animal kingdom (namely, an upturned turtle, a land-stranded goldfish and a misplaced spider)...he blows his nose only to hear a voice-over intone that his tissue is responsible for the death of 99.9% of household viruses.


Nice touch on the glasses and five o'clock shadow too. If I didn't know better, I'd say that this guy was a Jew....

On other fronts, I am THRILLED, and I mean THRILLED, to report that my lower back issues have resolved. For someone like me, with a health history that has the potential to rattle me at the slightest ache or pain, it is a relief when an ache or a pain goes away quickly. Unfortunately, I now have a cold. And even though I am not the only one in my household to have this cold, which produces sharp coughing, I am feeling the twinges of anxiety about the coughing. Last night, as I was teaching my vinyasa class, with three of my breast cancer survivor students in the class, each time I coughed, I was acutely aware of my own anxiety. And when one of my students said, "Are you okay?" I imagined that she was feeling the same anxiety that I was feeling....the unthinkable, the unfathomable....of course, I can only speak for what I was thinking.

At any rate, I had the opportunity to sleep super late today, being a moon day and all, and the coughing seems to have diminished. Fingers crossed. This is NOT good. My vrittis are going wild. MUST NOT ATTACH. MUST NOT ATTACH. MUST NOT ATTACH....



samasthiti said...

I thought it was Moby for a second!

Positive thoughts about the not cold thing!

Anonymous said...

This message bothers me. Why is every cough suspect? Dr. Mom knows that you need more rest. You run around too much and you are too pumped up with your exercise. Notch it down, please. The new year is coming, but when are the boys coming and how? Let us hope it is a good 2006.

yoga chickie said...

You're the one who said "you're ALWAYS sick"!! Magical Thinking 101 says that if your mother says it, you have to think it is true, at least on some level.

I admit I run around a LOT. Practicing yoga, teaching yoga, walking the dog three times daily at a bare minimum.

I have been resting all day, but I have to teach tomorrow morning - 11 to 12:30. I will drive the boys to you after that, with the possibility of a detour to a Westside museum that they are desperate to go to, on the way.

Can I have a sleepover too?


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