Monday, December 19, 2005

Heating Pad

Today, I dove into a nice heated pad - Bikram Yoga NYC. Shala X was out of the question since I didn't finish up at Winter Solstice until after 10 a.m., so other plans had to be made. George ("Hey Gorgeous") DeLancey was teaching. He is a maverick, I tell you. I have known him since he first came to NYC from Philly - and he teaches something like 10 classes per week in the "hot box", plus has a husband and two kids at home. How he has the energy....whew....I sure wouldn't. Practiced next to Robin, who told George she had to leave after only 40 minutes because if not, she would be fired. She looked sooo familiar...did I know her? Then I realized. Bikram attracts quite a lot of working actors and other famous faces....I've practiced alongside Idina and Anna (who just recently got "fugged" for the very first time), as well as Mary and George...but how much do I wish that I was there when Chris shows up to practice (I love him - more than I ever loved Zach Braff and Jake Gyllenhaal combined - it might help that he's about the same age as them when you add UP their ages)?

Yeah, I'm a sucker for a famous face. I tend to feel all giddy inside when I see one, although I keep it hidden. And I have learned never to discuss anyone's practice other than my own....


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