Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yoga Chickie....Now, with yoga!

Yes, seven obsessive television-related posts later, yoga chickie is back to talking incessantly about yoga. Please pardon the capitalization errors - it's the berry; doesn't cooperate so well with my stubby fingers. Speaking of stubby fingers, I am thinking, and I've been mulling it for quite some time, that my finger length to wrist ration is problematic when it comes to any sort of wrist binding that requires a good grip. So, not any of the postures up through janu sirsa c. But after that, I feel like it's hard to work a really comfortable grip around my (oversized? At least for my petiteness) wrists. It's not preventing a wrist bind, so this isn't just me being a pissy, lazy, not-working-hard-enough whiner. It's just that I feel as if I would be a bit more comfy if my fingers were longer and my wrists more birdboned. Nothing - can do about that, I know. But it has occured to me that perhaps it would behoove me to get one of those golf-grip exercise balls, where you squeeze the ball to improve hand strengh?

Certainly, hand strength would serve me well in....drumroll please...supta kurmasana. For the fourth day in a row, I got totally bound - hands, ankles, and since today I was in the hands of one vedic-chanting new zealander (scheduling issues today...I missed being at shala x, but I got to see Boodiba, who can vouch for my orange cynthia steffe dress , which no less than 10 strangers have told me is gorgeous, and I've only been wearing it for three hours...), I got the "attempted dwi pada liftup" treatment. Was not to be today, not that it's even on my current agenda. He did have me re-tithibasana, this time with legs high up on shoulders, feet pointed high and butt hanging low, and get out of it through bakasana (ie, proper exit out of supta k).

I finished ALL of Primary in 60 minutes, including backbends and finishing. That's right - it can be done....probably shouldn't be, but it can nevertheless.

I feel soooo good today, despite a little cold. Yesterday I lost my wallet, but I found it. I also lost a diamond bracelet. Found that too. I'm feeling lucky!



cheri said...

That's not you! That's the not anorexic Olsen twin.

"YC" said...

Well, Cheri, good to see you're still posting and critiquing my choice of colors. Orange is a BIG fave of mine. I might even change my blog to orange if I get around to it. I've been told I look a bit Olsen-ish, but I have never understood why. Perhaps it's my choice of clothes.

cheri said...

The sungalsses are bigger than your head.
That's why:)

Orange Chikie?
Yoga Orange?
Orange Yoga Chikie?

I like Yoga Orange best:)

Yogamum said...

I think Guruji gets through primary in about 75 minutes max, so an hour sounds like a good pace if you can do it!! I personally like the fast practices!

"YC" said...

Fast practices feel GREAT to me when I'm nice and warm.

Big sunglasses also feel great to me when I wish to hide my delicate eye-skin from the sun.

Orange is HOT.

Carl said...

Pretty dress. You look great in it. Orange is a cool color. It's the new purple, I hear.

"YC" said...

Thanks, Carl. What I am REALLY jazzed about is that wrought iron chair, which I won in an auction recently. It goes with a wrought iron bistro table. I'm going to put them on my front porch when I move, for old people like me who hate to wait at the door standing up!

cheri said...

Oh, so Carl is two timeing me.
Yes he is. How can you hang out over here?
Did you here what she said to me!!!????

Carl said...

Cheri, I don't see what it is that Lauren said that should polarize me in any direction. What more is to be said than that she looks good? I'm a guy so complimentary comments come easily to me.

Ursula said...

It's a great picture. Very ladylike.

Doctor Veganito said...

If I didn't knew it's you in the pic, I'd say it's Lindsay Lohan!

Doctor Veganito said...

I forgot to sign! Doctor Veganito = Sergio

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