Tuesday, May 08, 2007

One Night in the Pokey

If ever there were a convict less deserving of clemency, it is Paris Hilton. Convicted of drunk driving or something along those lines, Paris now intends to ask Governor Schwartzenegger (!!! He's a celebrity! He's a Kennedy (by marriage)! Ergo, he knows of what she seeks....) to commute her sentence, or something along those lines.

If ever there were a reason to put someone in jail for driving under the influence of whatever, it is saying to the cop who pulls you over, "I was hungry, so I wanted to get an In and Out Burger"). Shameless.

Forget setting an example for other celebrities who think they're above the law. Forget setting an example for all would be drunk/stoned drivers. Why not set an example for Paris, herself?



boodiba said...

I have to say that while I don't generally jump on the bandwagon of celebrities we love to hate - I for one like Lindsay Lohan - I find Paris to be a repulsive, little toad. The whole family seems like a nauseating example of a total perversion of the "American Dream".

Yogamum said...

What's annoying is that she blames her publicist for the whole thing -- "He told me I could drive." I was under the impression that as an adult, it is YOUR responsibility to know about and follow the law. She may be rich, but she's ignorant and low-class. I hope she serves her full sentence.

Tiff said...

Ha she's so lame...she can't make a decision for herself, nor does she take responsibility for her actions. Sad society we live in when people like her think they're exempt from the law.

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