Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh, the things that unrequited love will drive a woman to...

Kate, Kate, Kate...I feel your pain. You love Jack, and you blew it. He wants nothing more to do with you, and he has totally found himself a new girl, and worse, a tall, willowy girl with long, straight, blonde hair, bright blue eyes and skin so smooth that it appears untouched by the elements (or perhaps Elizabeth Mitchell has simply had LOTS o'Tox). You, with your adorably unkempt curls and fetchingly sturdy body, your freckles and your sun-squint lines, you must feel as if you've all but disappeared for Jack, as if he's been blinded by Juliet's light.

And so, of course, you felt a strong urge to make Jack notice you again. But how? It really seemed as if he had become immune to your charms.

When you were let in on the secret, that a woman had fallen from the sky with a satellite phone and a promise of rescue, despite that you were told not to trust Jack with this information, you saw it as your ticket to getting him to notice you. And you cashed that ticket in. How long did it take you? A minute or two? Ten at most?

Didn't you see it would do you no good? Didn't you see it in his eyes - his eyes which kept finding Juliet's eyes while you spoke to them on the beach? Didn't you see that something had changed? Even if you did, I suppose that you still had to try to grab his attention because even negative attention is better than none at all.

Unfortunately, but as could only be expected, your attempt to get Jack's attention was a bust. You were left standing on the beach with Juliet, while Jack went off to take care of the problem you had just alerted him to.

The questions that remain: Is it possible that he no longer wishes to leave the island? Or is there something that Jack knows about the relationship between the island and the outside world from which he wishes to protect his fellow survivors? Does Jack know that Juliet has plans to betray the beach dwellers by kidnapping Sun and doing research on her? Is Kate pregnant with Sawyer's baby? How is it possible that the plane and all of the bodies were found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? The producers said that this is NOT purgatory. Is that a trick answer? Is it actually hell? That seems far too easy. But what else could it be? Time travel? Their bodies split off into two different dimensions, in one of which they are dead, and in the other of which they are stranded on an island? If so, is rescue even possible?

Why are there still so many questions? And why, in spite of never really getting the answers, do I LOVE Lost soooo soooo much?



Yogamum said...

I thought that was a great episode. My husband was dozing off (how could he???) while I was babbling about "it's the reversal of the Christ story, the son has to kill the father, it's a messianic cult, blah blah blah."

So many questions! I can't wait until next week!

Andrea said...

That was a GREAT episode. With every question that's answered a new one arises.

Looks like next week's episode should be a good one...can barely wait a whole week for it!


Andrea said...

WHAT is it that Juliet wanted to tell Kate?????!!!!!

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