Thursday, May 03, 2007

BEST Lost Theory Yet!!!

They are, in fact alive. They did, in fact, survive the plane crash. But ONLY because the plane crashed in this place that is one year in the past. This place, the island, exists in a pocket of time that is off-kilter by a year. Thus, even though the plane and the losties may have been found dead in the present day, as Naomi-the-helicopter-crash-survivor says, they were able to have survived on the island, which exists in the past.

Some of the Others, for example, Ben, are aware that on the island, it is a year behind. I think that other Others do NOT know, have not been let in on the secret - this is why when people are taken to the Island, they have to be knocked unconcious because they are doing something akin to breaking the time/space barrier, or some such.

I believe that the button-pressing thing that was going on was keeping the island from moving completely out of the space-time continuum that those on the rest of earth move within. Once the button stopped being pushed, the ability to go back to the real world was lost. The island is now stuck in its time and space.

For THAT reason, I believe that women who get pregnant on the island will no longer die. Before, it was an impossibility to bear a child who would be born before, I don't know, before being conceived, I guess. But now, since the island is now moving along on its own time-line, childbirth will become possible. The price to pay is that there is no longer any escape back to the real world from which they came.

Penny's search for Desmond COULD have worked, I suppose, if the hatch had not imploded. But once the hatch imploded, anyone who came to the island was doomed to stay there for as long as they live.

The black smoke monster? Something to do with black holes in time. Deadly, obviously. But not sure what to make of it.

Walt and Michael? If they got off the island before the "sky turned purple", then they are probably absolutely fine. Or, perhaps they can't be fine if once they go back to "real time", they are actually dead. Or perhaps it is possible that the glitch in time changed their fate. But if that were true, then wouldn't the world know of the island and what is going on there? Perhaps Michael and Walt did come back to the world and told of what happened, but who would believe them if the year-behind island is undetectable by those living in the present day.

If this theory is "it", then it would explain why Christian Shepherd's body disappeared from his coffin. Back a year before the plane took off, Christian Shepherd was NOT dead.

Obviously, there are a lot of holes in this theory. But it does seem to explain a LOT of things. And it gives me quite a bit less "anxiety" when watching the show, for some reason.

Practice sucked today, by the way. Self practice. Anemic beyond all belief. I need to see my chiropracter later. Too many little pain tweaks all over the place. Must be a pinching of some nerves.

Note to self: must realign spine.


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Carl said...

Don't worry. If the Lost characters want to come back to the real world, all they have to do is get jobs on other TV shows.

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