Tuesday, May 29, 2007

End of days?

Carl and I were discussing Stat Counter's merits, and I said that I found it pretty useless, while he found it quite informative. Well, I am here to say: USELESS. For example, I clicked on the link to find out what states people are visiting this blog from, and it shows the following:

19 New York United States
14 Maryland United States
12 ?
10 Oklahoma United States
9 California United States
8 England United Kingdom
4 Minnesota United States
3 Pennsylvania United States
2 New Jersey United States
2 Brussels Belgium
2 Colorado United States
2 Michigan United States
1 Missouri United States
1 Nova Scotia Canada

Now, since I KNOW that some people read this in Washington (the state), for example, and New Jersey, as another good example, how is it that those states don't appear at all on this list?

I know that the right answer to this question is: who cares?

But, still. The internet is still as anonymous as ever, and most people can hide behind their ISP (internet sevice provider) in order to create insane fake personas and then layer them with insane fake persona friends and insane fake persona boyfriends until they've created an entire univere of insane fake personas, and none of what anyone says matters anymore because it could all be fake anyway.


Maybe Cheri, Adrian, The Boy and Kiki (for lack of a better fake persona) are, in actuality, the Four Horsemen of the Blogger Apocolypse, and the end of days of blogging in innocence has arrived...



Carl said...

3 Pennsylvania United States
2 New Jersey United States <----
2 Brussels Belgium

Hey, I found New Jersey! It was hiding between Pensylvania and Brussels!

Carl said...

I saw that one of the search terms used to find you on the web is "flibbertyjibbit." Ha ha ha!

shinyyoga said...

you can count Sydney, Australia too! x

cheri said...

Blogging innocense. Are you kidding. You are the 5 hourswoman all in one.
Stop trying to be my boy friend. I do not like girls.

"YC" said...

I am an Hourswoman! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, aren't you more international than that, YC? I mean, I have visitors from Finland, Taiwan, New Zealand, China, crikey, I can't even list them all (tosses hair impetuously).

"YC" said...

Oh, Laksmi, that was just a small, and I mean SMALL, sample...(turning downturned nose up)

Kim said...

You can also add Copenhagen, Denmark to the list! :-)

kayla said...

Gosh, I hope I'm not bringing down the tone of the commenting by being from Georgia. You know we all have appliances in our front (all dirt) yards and marry our cousins down here. And we think that Harry Potter books are the work of the devil.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much the Georgia as it is the Bikrams... :)

Carl said...

We just converted a young Bikramite. We'll work on you next Kayla.

kayla said...

Oh worry not about the Bikram...I'm fully converted already. My ongoing relationship with Bikram is only an occasional one, strictly for convenience.

And you thought the only sports in Georgia were wrasslin' and NASCAR. ;-P

Anonymous said...

See my post about my WT camping trip, which included a pilgrimage to the Yakima Speedway. Wow. (more shameless self promotion)

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