Thursday, May 03, 2007

I think, therefore I am...tagged

...a thinker, that is.

And what an honor!!! No really. If I could pick one compliment that I might hear about my blog, it would be that I made someone think.

I had seen references to the Thinking Blogger and the notion of "Five Blogs That Make Me Think", but I honestly never thought that anyone would have the guts to admit that my blog makes them...think. (More often people tend to say that my blog makes them retch, or makes them wish to never ever hear the words "Supta Kurmasana" again). But apparently, YogaMum does! Let's hear it for that steaming bowl of Yoga Gumbo! Thank you!

What I think is really cool about the Thinking Blogger thing is that it has the potential to link bloggers to blogs they might not otherwise discover. Yoga Gumbo was tagged by someone, hopefully along with some non-Ashtanga bloggers, and everyone she tags has the potential to be discovered by all of those who were tagged by her tagger. And now everyone that I tag will have the potential to be discovered by everyone who finds me through Yoga Gumbo. And so on, and so forth.

So, to whom shall I bestow my five allotted tags?

Well, obviously, there is Linda. She gets me thinking, that's for sure. She has a perspective on life in New York City that I can never and will never have, having never been single here, or really anyplace, having met The Husband at age 21 when we were first years at NYU Law School and having married him and finished having kids by the time I was 33. Linda has been dating all that time!!! I only just came to realize how very very very much this distinguishes our respective perspectives when a non-blogging friend of mine who likes to read Linda's blog (and mine!) pointed it out. Linda and I, who have actually broken bread together (well, chapati, really), have been known to fight like cats and cats here in the blogosphere. But the woman makes me think. And for that, I now bestow upon her .... THE THINKING BLOGGER AWARD!

OK, who's next?

Can I put it in another post? I have to think about it a bit more. Feel free to lobby for a nomination...flattery will get you everywhere, and sucking up is always good, especially when you are the sucker, and I am the suckee.



Yogamum said...

I think it's okay to think for a while about the bloggers who make you think ;-)

I've found a bunch of blogs I wouldn't otherwise have seen without the tag!

Happy thinking, Yoga Chickie!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I know I start to think when I read your blog--and you can keep talking about sapta kurmasana even tho i'm not up to it yet!

boodiba said...

Ah well p'shaw. Thanks! :) I feel like Kieth Richards this morning. There's a thought.

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