Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bye bye Eye-in

Ian Ziering has left the dance floor (I don't watch Dancing with The Stars, but I like to read about it on Television Without Pity dot com) . I only mention this because he went to my high school and we hung out with the same crowd, and I don't mean at the Peach Pit with Brenda and Brandon and Dylan and Donna "DonnaMartinGraduates" Martin. Hell, Ian and I were already pushing 30 when he first stepped into the hallowed halls of Pretend Beverly Hills High School.

The last time I saw Ian (pronounced Eye-In, in case you didn't know but cared), it was just before 90210 got started. I was walking down West Third Street between Lafayette and Thompson, when a car started spooking me out...slowing down when I slowed down, speeding up when I sped up, and then, jeezzzzzus christ what was going on, honking madly when I ducked into Pluck U, the nearest storefront I could find to escape impending abduction. Turns out it was Ian cruising around NYU-town, thought he was being funny. Haha. Ah, the high-school shenanigans of those of their mid-twenties....

My high school did grow-up quite its fair share of celebs. We also had Scott Wolf, two years younger than me. I didnt know him well, but I went to my junior prom with his brother. And his other brother is out there in Hollywood too, although not quite the star that Scott is/was./

And then there's me. Not a celeb. But I do like to watch them.



cheri said...

Your really Shannon Dougherty! Right? RIGHT!
I'd recognize that lazy eye anywhere!
And I thought you were just all washed up.

Yogamum said...

I knew he was a goner when they introduced them as "The Olympian, the Fighter, the Entertainer, and (brief pause) the Perfectionist." My husband and I had a great time saying "The Olympian, the Fighter, the Entertainer, know...that one guy who used to be on 90210." I liked his fighting spirit but it was time for him to go.

"YC" said...

The Olympian??!!! Heh?? What Olympics was that exactly?

Yogamum said...

Didn't Apollo win some Olympic medals in speed skating? Like, five of them?

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