Monday, May 28, 2007

another day another practice

Sooo crowded today. So hot and sweaty. All good. Slight tweak in my upper left back, attributable to a stupid thing I did in the bath this morning. I observed where it effected my practice: nowhere. It only hurt before and after. That's something to be happy for. I'm sitting at the Randall's Island Golf Center now. Waiting for the kids' burgers to be ready. I have a 20 ounce bottle of Sprite Zero tucked between my back and my chair. It's nice and cold.

I am bored here. I keep thinking about food but not knowing what - would want to eat. I have a cold that has eliminated by sense of taste. I want the pleasure of going out to dinner, but I am prety sure that the only food which i might enjoy is the whole oat groats i have ready and waiting for me at home. Bland, chewy, mushy, sweet. Perfect for a no-tastebuds day.



eeyore said...

you bad girl, having sex-in-the-bath again! and now bored? i'm glad it's spritezero and not tiger's new 460cc forged titanium-adamantium-wolverine driver between you and the chair!

hope yur cold goes away and that you feel ... like a happy mouse:)

cheri said...

What are you sposerd by sprite or soemthing?
And BTW you are not my BF. Stop sturring the pot.
You dope head.

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