Saturday, May 26, 2007

Eight Randoms

1. I am writing this at a Yankees game. We're sitting in the 15th row, right next to third base. I really couldn't care less about baseball.

2. When I was a senior in high school, I was the "voice of Mountain High School", reading the morning announcements each day over the PA system.

3. Speaking of high school, I played a hooker/dancer in a production of The Night of January 16th and a hooker in a Chekhov play, the name of which escapes me at the moment.

4. I also played Anne in The Diary of Anne Frank in a community theater production. The director took out my line, "Margot, do you think I'm terribly ugly" because she felt that it was not believable to the point of absurdiy. Bad acting? Or cute teenage girl? You decide.

5. I never hated my nose until after I got a nose job. Now I fucking HATE it. Bad nose job? Or appearance-obsessed plastic surgery junkie in training? You decide.

6. I have huge feet. HUGE. I wear a 37.5 european/ 7.5 american. I am only 61 inches tall. To put it in perspective, see V's Mind Bending Randoms...

7. I have been pregnant five times. I have two children.

8. My first crush began when I was in kindergarten and lasted through fifth grade. His name was Joe Katz, and he resembled a combination of my two sons - short, freckle-faced and funny.

I will tag (1) my sister, Dinnerland, because, well, she's my sister, and I would think that she has some random factoids to offer that would shock and appall me (and hey, wouldn't it be good to broaden our blogging horizons?), (2) Steve Dwelley because maybe he feels left out of all the fun - I mean, even very highly-regarded teachers who write about esoteric topics (and really well, by the way) on their blogs need to be able to get into the vast trenches of the inane with the rest of us now and then, (3) Adrian because that Luuurrreeeen-luving, old-fat-ashtangi-bashing Cheri has taken over and it's time to bring back the nicer alter ego, (4) Susan ("Rhymes wih Crazy") because she kinda hates me but seriously needs to get back to blogging and practicing (oh..wait..she already is! kewl!! but she says that she really doesn't want to be tagged, so, I definitely am tagging her...), (5) Jason because I haven't seen a single blog entry from him in months and months, and he was always good for getting me riled up with his blogger persona, which could be summarized as "I am highly critical of all of the stupid ashtanga blogs out there, and so I will now proceed to incite them to further stupidity for my own entertainment", (6) Elaina of Still the Turning because she seems so nice, (7) April's CR Diary because CR seems to dovetail so nicely with Ashtanga, and I felt like extending the branch into her calorie-restricting world.....and that leaves number (8)....hmmmm....let's see, who else, shit, I don't know. Suggestions welcome.



jenna said...

Huge? HUGE? Puhlease. Nice try. Huge is being 63 inches tall and wearing a size 10... the same size that the lovely 72-inch tall Julie wears.

At least I have great balance...

cheri said...

You could definitly use another nose job.
I think bigger would be good. Like your feet.

April said...


I can't figure out where I am supposed to put my facts. On my blog, or elsewhere?

Your site is very cool! I keep thinking I should get into yoga.


samasthiti said...

"Rhymes with Lazy", not "Rhymes with Crazy".
You need to quote yourself right woman.....

I'll kick you ass after I'm done with Carl.

eeyore said...

what did you guys do, re-write chekov? he only put hookers in his stories.

eeyore said...

oops!, at least you can spell chekhov.

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