Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What a waste of a moonday

I always fantasize that on the moonday, I will do something productive with myself. Go to Bikram. Go to the baths maybe. Fill out camp forms. Call my insurance company and ask them why they've rejected Brian's orthodontist claim for a record third time in a row, after two phone calls which seemed to resolve the problem.

Instead, I lay on the couch, alternately sleeping off the soreness that until today, I didn't even know was there, and peeking at my laptop to see what activity there is on Linda's blog. Damn, but that girl gets the comments going. I also made my way to today for the first time in a while and realized that I am no longer on it. Did I do a bad thing? Have I been shunned? I'm guessing it was an administrative solution to the fact that I had my feed turned off. Not sure if I should ask to be reloaded. Still thinking about whether everyone would be better off if I kept my brain-downloads unaffiliated. Less rancor maybe? A few less readers, but that's okay. We shall see.

Why am I feeling so shitty today? The muscles of my lower back are kind of siezing up on me - teeny little spasms. Nothing that would keep me from doing whatever it is I should be doing. But disconcerting nonetheless. Even more disconcerting: my right kneecap feels wonky. What is wonky? I can't describe it, but I'll try. It feels as if someone stepped on my kneecap. What I think happened is that I shoved it aside too much (any shoving of kneecaps is too much, really) in Parivritta Parsvakonasana yesterday. I felt a bit of sensation as my armpit pressed into my outer kneecap during this pose yesterday, and mentally, I took note, thinking, "I should really back off from this pose and figure out a better way to do it that won't be breaking my kneecaps."

I really am resenting Parivritta Parsvakonasana right about now. I didn't even used to be PART of the Ashtanga Primary Series. Who needs it anyway? If there were a bind there instead of the hand to the floor, it would be SO much better for the knees. Damn it. Call the yoga police. I'm attempting to correct Guruji's thinking again.

Off to take advil and get on with my day.


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Julie said...

Yes, when feeds go bad, they stay at the top of the list until I remove them...when your feed was turned off, I deactivated it. I didn't reactivate because you never indicated you wanted it reactivated. No rhyme or reason, no censorship, no favoritism, in fact, I don't even READ blogs that get asked to be added anymore... because it's clear some blogs were created maliciously and I don't have time to deal with the idiocy of that so I just add and delete when the feed is stale (over 8 months since the last post -- thinking maybe I should shorten this to 6 months) or when the feed goes dead. Simple as that.

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