Thursday, May 24, 2007

What does it all meme?

And how does one pronounce it?

And why does no one want my eight random factoids?

I never liked tag anyway. All that "You're it" and "Now YOU'RE it", which is so silly, really, because everyone knows that I am, in fact, it.

Whatever. Once, I was a Thinking Blogger. Now I'm the girl without a prom date.




Carl said...

Tag. Eight of them. Go.

cheri said...

I don't want her to go. Maybe she should go to bed first. She needs her BEAUTY sleep.
Lots of it.
Nighty nite!

Lisa said...

I just tagged you, too!

Yogamum said...

I did see that someone tagged you today but I can't remember who!!!!

Ursula said...

It was me. :)

Clare said...

I tag you too - don't feel left out :-D

Tim said...

OK, that's 32 random things you owe.

Be careful what you wish for :)

"YC" said...

Oh, um...did I say I wanted to go to the prom???

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