Friday, August 12, 2005

Unrelated saddness...

I must have been under a rock to have missed this news, or at least under anesthesia....

I just have to say how saddened and disturbed I was/am to hear of Dana Reeve's diagnosis of lung cancer. Like my dad, Reeve was/is a non-smoker.

Reeve is only 44 - a mere five years older than me - she could be my older sister. Her son is a mere 13 years old. She is already a widow. Her son has already had to endure the death of one parent. How can this be happening? I am outraged - but at whom? And to what end?

This all comes on the heels of Peter Jennings' death from lung cancer earlier this week. I was shaken to hear of the death of Peter Jennings for many reasons, only one of which was the fact that he received his diagnosis shortly after my dad received his.

There really isn't much to say other than I wish Dana Reeve and her family the very best and pray for her full recovery.



CCC said...

I had the same reaction when I heard the news about Dana Reeves. Who even knew (well, you of course) that non-smokers could get lung cancer. Crushing news for sure.

yoga chickie said...

Deeply has been much of the news this summer, at least aroun the New York area. It's been one terrible tragedy after another around here, especially concerning our local children (for example, a 16 year old being murdered and hacked to pieces by her 16 year old neigbor!). I just want it to all go away! Someone, please wake up when it's over....

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