Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just got out of the hospital

I was in much worse shape than I expected, so I stayed overnight. The hospital experience was hell - more about that when I can sit up straight for longer than two minutes at a time....

Thanks to all the well-wishers!




CCC said...

Stupid Internet people gave me a free month when I told them to PLEASE DISCONNECT ME! THE INTERNET IS KILLING ME! So here I am, wishing you a speedy recovery. And I wanted to also say that I mildly hurt my side during Marichyasana Crapshooter and wondered if I might have grown myself a new rib!

Fear of death ... Me too, in my own ways. I liked what your teacher said, something along the lines of, "Oh, that? You're just fearing death. As we ALL do."

Spring green and lavendar. Colors that come to mind when I think of your healing process. Even if you might be a recovering Goth Moth (isn't everyone in NYC a recovering Goth Moth?).


Cheers your way,


Anonymous said...

glad everything went well (i asume)
just take it easy for a while in the meantime,
greetings, ivdp

Anonymous said...

good luck. I practice with CH at Yoga Sutra and think you are doing great things with your workshop. I am hopeful you will try a mysore class with us one day.

Julie said...

much healing energy your way... remember to breathe.

rew said...

take it easy and give yourself the time and space to fully heal.

yoga chickie said...

Hi everyone!! Thanks for the wonderful words...I was lying in bed feeling really crappy when I saw them, and they brightened my day!

I am going to have to take quite a bit of time off, I think...this was much more debilitating than my doctor led me to believe. Or than I was willing to be led to believe.

Julie - I wanted you specifically to know that the breasts look fabulous. The little tiny changes he made to them turned out to be just what "the doctor ordered", and I am thrilled. Yay! Finally something positive to say about my reconstruction.



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