Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Buyer beware....

This really annoys me. And I have to write about it, even if I get eviscerated for it. So here goes:

I am no longer teaching at New York Yoga, and I am not teaching any Intro to Yoga Workshop there. Yet my name continues to be attached to the Workshop that begins September 11. NYY has updated the Workshops page more than once since we agreed to part ways, but my name continues to appear. There is something decidedly shady about this, although I can't quite figure out what it is.

When Skelator* and I fell-out, I was instructed to "keep it quiet" and not make any "noise" about it. I honored their (somewhat strange) wishes and deleted the post from this blog in which I told the story of what had happened. But now I see that Skelator and crew are continuing to pretend that "this never happened". I have no idea why, but like the request to "keep things quiet", it all seems pretty shady to me.

You just know I am going to delete this post tomorrow. But until then, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


*General Manager and supposed Olympic Skeleton hopeful


vivage said...


Even tho it would be good to let everything blow by, it might also be a good thing to keep all your duckies in a row with documentation.

Wishing you lots of peace and breath.

yoga chickie said...

V - that sounds kind of ominous....but at any rate, now do you see what I was getting at on the Moving into Stillness board?

vivage said...

Yeah, although I never saw the deleted post so I don't know the particulars. Don't need them tho either.

Anonymous said...

its probably just a mistake.They don't sound to together over there anyway.... You should have checked with them on it first before creating all this wierd speculation on yr blog-- it will only cause you more headache which you totally don't need. goodluck!

yoga chickie said...

I doubt it's a mistake. They have Intro to Yoga Students who specifically ask for my class because they read my bio (still on the site) and see that I am a breast cancer survivor. I think it's a practice of theirs - it was also pointed out by someone on EZ Board that NYY uses a gorgeous photo of Govinda Kai to advertise their Ashtanga program, even though Govinda is no longer teaching Ashtanga classes there, as he has moved to Japan.

Susan said...

Wow, they sound shady..
I thought yoga was also about yamas and niyamas, doesn't sound like they heard about those.

yoga chickie said...

Well, the owner of the studio has been quoted as saying that he wanted to create a yoga studio that was the antithesis of all those downtown-incense-filled-lofts. I guess that is code for a Geo-like physical practice?

Anonymous said...

You should tell them to cease and desist from using your name. This is without your permission, and it is tortious conduct.

They would owe you some substantial damages if they ignored your message.


A lawyer supporter

yoga chickie said...


Anonymous said...


I actually said something to the person at the desk @ 85th st (that I was upset that you were no longer there) and she said you were still subbing there, I just smiled and said "I don't think so..."


yoga chickie said...

I am most certainly NOT!!! That is outrageous. But, what I don't get is WHY are they afraid to admit that I am no longer there? And if they are afraid to admit it, then why did they allow Skelator do me in?


Missed you last night, girlie. You better be there next week!! ;)


Anonymous said...


yoga chickie said...

Yeah, well, Anonymous, I am sure you would...lol

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