Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's called "Yoga Chikitsa" for a reason...

After my vinyasa-less Primary Series practice yesterday on the beach (minus Setu Bandhasana and other backbends - that is just WAY too over the top at 19 days post abdominoplasty, even for me), my seroma has significantly diminished in size!!! I am so thrilled. How much more could I possibly love this practice?

And yes, I hear myself extolling the physical effects of the practice. But this is not about "how skinny can my tummy get", but more about the physical-therapeutic propererties of the practice. Assuming it is not purely coincidence that the fluids in my tummy seem to be draining right after practicing nearly all the poses of the Primary Series, a/k/a Yoga Chikitsa, a/k/a Yoga Therapy, I would have to guess that the practice helped unblock some physical and energetic channels, permitting the healing fluids of my body to drain more effectively.

Anyway, even if I were giving the practice more credit than what it is due, what's the harm in doing so?



Susan said...

You are not giving the practice more than its due.
Ashtanga is a life changing, amazing practice.
Mentally and as we know physically.
I will bet you all the wringing out of those poses really did help to move the stagnant fluids out.
I'd bet at least a dollar. And I don't bet...

yoga chickie said...

I'll see you and raise you double! And I don't bet I have no idea what I just said...:) Lauren

Susan said...

I don't think we can bet each other, as we're playing for the same team.

Chris said...

I think you can bet each other, it just means you can't get into the hall of fame.

Susan said...

That's only if we bet against our own team..

yoga chickie said...

Well...if you're looking to make a wager, the folks commenting on the "Yoga Beachy" post might be willing to bet against the chikitsa in the yoga. but like my grandpappy used to say, you can take the yoga out of the chikitsa, but you can't take the chikitsa out of the yoga....

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