Friday, August 05, 2005

Broken rib?

Can this happen? My left side is soooooo soooooo sore, right where my arm smooshes against my side-body when I bind my left arm behind me in the Ardha Baddhas and the Marichi twists. I am FREAKING out about this, actually, had a horrible time of it today as a result. All I could think about as I practiced was - did I break a rib in Marichi D on Wednesday, and if so, does it mean that there is something ominous going on in my bones to allow that to happen? (Spoken like a typical cancer survivor, I might add.)

I remember on Wednesday, I had a particularly hard time on the left side of Mari D, and I remember thinking that Gary is a big guy and that his adjustments are AWESOME because of his strength. Now I am starting to wonder if these adjustments are just a little too awesome...not that I am blaming him. I know this stuff happens all the time in Ashtanga. After Mari D, I felt soreness on my left side in Shoulderstand. But the soreness didn't really come out until yesterday. And now today, it is even a bit worse, having practiced through it (gently, but still...)

My first thought on Wednesday was that it was my obliques, because they have been sore on and off throughout this entire summer as I have been learning to twist. But then I started to wonder...could it be my floating rib on the left side?

As for whether the bone is broken or bruised, or whether it is a deeply bruised soft tissue of some sort, my rational side tells me that I could have expected this because of the Advil-embargo coupled with my propensity to push myself hard, even when it hurts: See, I had been practicing with all of the anti-inflammatory benefits of Advil all this time, but then suddenly this week, I had to stop taking the Advil (so that I can safely have surgery on Tuesday - Advil is contraindicated when you are having surgery). So, suddenly, I have to practice on my chronically inflamed joints (a result of one of the drugs I still take, Arimidex), but instead of taking it easy and recognizing that my ability to twist is going to be impaired by inflammation, I pushed just as hard as I usually do. The result is a crushing of my side bodies in Mari D.

Another student at the shala heard me talking about this and interjected that she has had the same injury - like a deep blossoming bruise on her side. She attributed it to Mari D and said that she considered it to be par for the course in Asthanga.

Still, it freaks me out because no one who has ever had breast cancer wants to even think about breaking a bone in any sort of "freak" manner like this. Jose told me, "It's just fear of death." I know...and that helped get me through the standing series. But it isn't helping me now....

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