Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Lawyer Who Represents Herself Has a Fool for a Client

I suppose that is not true of a yogini who leads herself in a practice - she does not have a fool for a teacher, right? Well, maybe so, but this yogini does quite a bit better with a third party teaching her....

I practiced on my roof today - pretty setting, roof garden, quiet, view of the East River (but who's looking?). Bad lady that I am, I did the entire Primary Series. Mari C and D only happened by virtue of my trusty strap. But other than that, it went smoothly. I have to admit, I do enjoy Setu Bandasana, even though technically, I have not learned it yet.

Dear God, how I miss my Advil.



rew said...

i'd love to speak to you sometime about your journey from lawyer to yoga teacher. i'm a year out of law school and a struggling almost-2nd-year-associate at a large nyc firm, and i keep daydreaming about the day i'll be a yoga teacher (or something other than a lawyer...

yoga chickie said...

Are you the one I met in person at AYS? If not, then at least know that you are not alone....The transition is possible, but you have to know and really really really know that the money is not there in teaching yoga. It's like being an actress or an artist. You should do it because you love it. If making money is an issue, then you probably shouldn't quit your dayjob. THAT being said, I suppose that it is possible to make a gentle transition. I have a friend who is doing that, slowly, very slowly. She still has her Wall Street job, but she finished teacher training a couple of months ago. She has assisted many teachers, including me, but she has yet to teach her first class - which will be this month (yay Michelle!). Perhaps as things develop down the line, she will move toward more teaching and less Wall Streeting....you can email me if you would like to take this offline...Lauren

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