Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another Interesting Dialogue with Carl Horowitz....

Check it out..... This is what happens when you put two people together who are passionate about yoga......



CCC said...

Very interesting idea, Lauren, of this then-limitation that fluctuates in our daily practice. About your injury, I have to say that it might not be entirely the result of the adjustment. You have been spending a lot of time and energy on landing Marichiasana D ... practicing outside of class and in the bath tub ... that I suspect your teacher's adjustment might have enable an injury that was perhaps waiting in the wings. Then again maybe I'm wrong. I'm just in that camp that says "No warmups before practice" and "Let the practice take you where you need to go, not your yogic ambitions!" That said, you bring an interesting and inspiring voice to the yoga world. As always I appreciate your openness and willingness to share. :o)

yoga chickie said...

Everyone seems to have different advice about this outside-of-shala bending sessions. I remember telling Mark about my bathtime forays into Marichi-world, and he said that sounded great. Reasonable minds can differ though.....Lauren

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