Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'm a Hazard To Myself

oh I'm a hazard to myself
don't let me get me
I'm my own worst enemy
it's bad when you don't know yourself

Why oh why does Rodney Yee have to be soooooooo engaging? Why oh why oh why oh why did I have to put on his Yoga For Strength video and then feel compelled to get on the floor and attempt downward facing dog???? And if that wasn't enough, why did I have to feel compelled to put my right knee on the floor and make the transition to cow-face legs (gomukasana legs)? Now my tummy hurts, and I am pissed at myself.

Miss Chickie misses yoga....


OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. I was just searching for a link to Rodney Yee for anyone who reads this who doesn't know who I am talking about...and I found this!
I am really bothered by this article - both the facts underlying it and the judgement on those facts that is conveyed by the tone of the article. And then to top it off, just as I am feeling quite righteous about defending the couple in question, about whom none of us on the outside really know anything about, Rodney Yee has to go and call himself a "guru". I always thought that a guru would never call himself/herself a guru - that to do so would prove that he or she was actually NOT a guru. And then he talks about how a guru must be surrounded by temptation! Please, make it stop....



Anonymous said...

hi, don't get too worked up about it, i mean, it just happens, and r. did not call himself a guru, the press does, and the students might treat him like that, he is just human, and not the first person that leaves his spouse for someone else, i am not justifying it, but his private life is none of our business and i still think c. i one of the sweetest persons around,
just my honest opinion,
please lauren, take care of yourself, don't go ahead of yourself....
much love, ivdp

yoga chickie said...

Hi ivdp, I agree - it is none of our business. I was pretty upset to see the article. But I linked to it anyway because it was out there, and sometimes it is better to identify the bad thing...i don't know c personally, but my good friend takes her class nearly every day and thinks she is wonderful and that her studio is incredibly beautiful. anyway, i was just really taken aback by the whole thing...

as for you...i didn't realize until today that you were "the neighbor"! i don't know k personally, but i love her blog, and it is neat to know that you are this person she talks about!



Anonymous said...

small world, eh?


Susan said...


yoga chickie said...

Hey...are you susananda?

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