Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Excited ramblings

Last night was a lovely Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors class. We had two new students and two "veterans". Three girls who I had expected to be there weren't there, one of whom is right smack in the middle of her chemo treatments. I think it is amazing that she can ever get to my class. But it is good that it was a small class because I was really unable to do much more than talk. I basically sat, while Michelle, my assistant, did the adjustments, and Jill, my sister-in-law, demonstrated the poses. Philosophically, I am not big on the concept of demonstrations - because I think it takes the students out of their own practices; when they are watching, they should be listening and "doing". But in truth, it makes it so much more "sukkha" (a sense of ease) for them to be able to rely on their eyes when they need it. Michelle's adjustments are great, so having an assistant is an amazing luxury for me.

Michelle is a new teacher, by the way, if I haven't mentioned her before. She was a student of mine at New York Yoga and she did the teacher training program there, during which she assisted me numerous times, so I knew she would be really great for this class. Next week, Michelle is going to sub the class, as I will be in Fire Island. I am really excited that she has the chance to work with the class one-on-one, although I wonder how she is going to have time to teach while giving the liberal and intensive hands-on adjustments to which the students have become accustomed (and really, in fairness, should expect out of a class designed for their issues specifically).

Anyway, I am thrilled that this class has taken off and that I have a chance to work with my students over a longer term than we originally thought. Starting this week, my Yoga Sutra class will be on the regular Yoga Sutra class schedule, and we will have the use of the beautiful Mysore room until September 12! After that, we are either going to have to start later or go back to the main room.

Well, I think I need a nap. I seem to be rambling incoherently.


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